"One of the many things I love about CNR is that it offers very close relationships between the students and professors. This is because it is a small college with a lovely campus where everything is open and available to students."

Jelena Krstic
Class of 2010
Political Science and History
Honors Program
School of Arts & Sciences
The College of New Rochelle

Where are you from, Jelena?

I am from Belgrade, Serbia.

Has your family moved to the United States?

No. My family is in Serbia. I’m here as an international student.  

How did you hear about The College of New Rochelle?

The first time I came to the United States was in my senior year of high school. I spent a year in New Hampshire as an exchange student and I decided I wanted to continue my education here as an international student. At first, the application process seemed overwhelming because I faced so many choices. However, when I heard about CNR from a family friend, who is also a CNR alumna, I was convinced that this was the right place for me.

What other colleges did you consider and why did you pick CNR?

I applied to Arcadia University, Adelphi University, Wagner College and The College of New Rochelle. I had the opportunity to visit all of these schools. CNR seemed to be the best choice for me. It offered the programs I was interested in, the students are very productive and the professors and staff all made me feel welcomed.

What are you majoring in, Jelena?

I’m a double major in Political Science and History, with a minor in Spanish. I am also in the Honors Program.

Are you at the College on a scholarship?

Yes, I am here on the Academic Scholarship.

Tell us about some of your favorite professors.

One of the many things I love about CNR is that it offers very close relationships between the students and professors. This is because it is a small college with a lovely campus where everything is open and available to students. Some of my favorite professors are Dr. Anne McKernan, Associate Professor of History; Dr. Nereida Segura-Rico, Associate Professor of Spanish; and Dr. Daniel McCarthy, Associate Professor of Political Science. They are all dedicated to helping me grow and make sure that the programs I select to study are the right choice for me.

What clubs or organizations are you involved with as a student?

I’m part of the CNR’s Model United Nations club and the UNIFEM chapter here at the College. Both of these clubs are closely related to what I want to do in my career, and my participation in the Model UN conferences has been very informative, interesting and challenging. It is a great way to understand what kind of organization the United Nations is and what role it has in our society.

Do you go into New York City often?

I go all the time. I really enjoy the city’s dynamics atmosphere, especially for someone coming from a foreign country. New York City is so wonderful. There is so much to do on any given day, and I try to take advantage of the opportunity of having the greatest city in the world only thirty minutes away from our campus. I might go into the city to see a Broadway show, visit a museum or just walk around Manhattan to window shop, and watch all the people.

I understand you are going to Spain this spring.
Tell us how that came about.

Ever since I started learning Spanish and visited Barcelona one summer, I knew that Spain was going to be my next study abroad location. It is a beautiful country, with an amazing history and culture. Furthermore, I believe that being a student is the best time to travel and experience a new country. I will also improve my Spanish by living with a Spanish host family, and studying at a Spanish university. Being an international student at The College of New Rochelle, I’m fully aware of the numerous benefits of studying abroad and immersing myself in a new culture.

Jelena, when do you graduate?

I’ll graduate from CNR in 2010.

What are your plans after graduation?

Right now, my plan is to go to a graduate school. I want to earn a masters in either International Relations or Middle Eastern Studies and then we’ll see what happens. Maybe someday I’ll be working at the United Nations. That would be a dream come true. 

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