Commentary Assignment

This final project for this course has three goals:

You are asked to develop a commentary to an approved Latin passage, targeted to the abilities of an intermediate level Latin student (imagine a 4th year student in AP Latin). Follow the model of one of your course texts: Cicero: Pro Caelio, edited by Stephen Ciraolo. Consider that your commentary has a good chance of appearing on a website such as De Feminis Romanis, Iona Intermediate Latin Readings, or VRoma.

Your commentary will contain the following parts:

  1. An introduction to the passage (minimum 3 pages) with information about the author, his life, his work, the genre in which he is writing, and, if the work you have chosen is a large one, an overview or outline of the entire opus (in the case of the Pliny letters, choose a research focus on his letters about women)
  2. A copy of the Latin text with the line numbers indicated (go to Latin Library or Perseus or to a recent, reputable printed edition)
  3. A translation of the Latin passage in your own words
  4. A line by line commentary in which there is:

5. A reflection on the text from the perspective of our study this semester of Roman women and more particularly of the matrona, i.e., what does this text tell us about Roman women in general and your particular woman specifically?

6. A bibliography of print and internet sources used

Submit the final draft of this assignment in both hard copy and digital form.
The first draft of your Commentary is due on December 3.

Dr. Ann R. Raia
Associate Professor of Classics
The College of New Rochelle