Notes to Honorary Inscription for Marullina

Coelia Mascellina: her name appears on a bronze stamp (signaculum), the words separated by tiny amphorae: [belonging to] Coelia Mascellina, daughter of Gnaeus. She also dedicated a funerary inscription, now fragmentary, for her parents in Rome.

Marullus, -i, m.
Lucius Cornelius Marullus was the son of Cornelia Marullina, both of the gens Cornelia; his name in the dative case indicates that the inscription is dedicated to him.
quod, conjunction
because.The inscription opens with a subordinate causal clause (Ordo . . . decreverat) that is dependent on the central statement of the inscription: Cornelia Marullina . . . poni iussit.
Ordo, Ordinis m.
Senate of the civitas of Castulo.
Castulonensis, -is m.f.
citizen of the civitas of Castulo.
liberalitas, -atis f.
generosity, munificence, magnanimity; ablative case after the preposition pro (= in return for).
quod, conjunction
because.This subordinate causal clause (quod [Marullina] . . . decorasset) is dependent on Ordo. . . decreverat.
civitas, -atis f.
city, state.
argenteus, -a, -um
made of silver.
epulum, -i n.
public banquet.
circenses, -ium m. pl.
circus games.
decoro (1)
adorn, beautify. Decorasset is a contracted form of decoravisset, the pluperfect subjunctive; it is used in a subordinate clause in the indirect discourse statuam . . . posituram [esse] se introduced by decreverat.
ei = Cornelia Marullina.
pono, -ere, posui, positum
set up, erect. Posituram must be a carver's error for the future active infinitive positurum [esse], since the subject of the infinitive in this indirect discourse is se, the reflexive pronoun referring back to the masculine noun Ordo.
decerno -ere, decrevi, decretum
resolve upon, decree; determine, decide; the subject is Ordo
honos, -oris m.
honor (i.e. their statues decreed by the Ordo of Castulo); ablative absolute construction with accepto.
poni: infinitive in indirect discourse following Cornelia Marullina . . . iussit; understand statuas as the subject of the infinitive.
illius: Cornelia Marullina.
heres, heredis m. f .
D[edit] D[edicavit]: understand et between the words.
edo, -ere, edidi, editum
put on, sponsor; ablative absolute construction with circensibus. Bellicus also produced games on Marullina's behalf in connection with the dedication of the statues.

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