Notes to Vergil, Aeneis 8.407-415

inde adverb
then, from there.

abactus, -a, -um
finished, passed; describes noctis.

curriculum, -i n.
course, career; translate with medio.

expello, -ere, -puli, -pulsum
drive away, expel, remove.

primum adverb
first, in the first place.

support, sustain, bear.

colus- i m.
distaff (a staff from which wool is pulled for spinning).

tenuis, -e
slight, poor, thin.

Minerva, -ae f.
Minerva, patron goddess of wisdom, war, and the arts; the goddess is used here as a metaphor for weaving, working in wool.

impono , -ere, -posui, -positum + dative
impose on, assign to, lay upon. The verb is used impersonally here; supply est.

cinis, -eris m.
ashes , embers.

sopio, -ire, -ivi, -itum
put to sleep; sopitos modifies ignis (i.e., ignes).

suscito (1)
stir, rouse, awaken.

addo, -ere, addidi, additum
add to; direct object: noctem, indirect object: operi.

famula, -ae f.
handmaid; house servant.

lumen, -inis n.
lamp, torch, light.

longus, -a, -um
tedious, long, vast

exerceo, -ere, -ui, -itum
keep busy, supervise, train.

pensum,- i n.
allotment of wool to be spun; task.

castus, -a, -um
clean, pure (moral and physical).

ut + subjunctive (possit) = purpose construction.

cubile, -is n.
bed, couch.

coniunx, -iugis m/f
husband, wife.

educo, -ere, -duxi, -ductum
raise up, rear; train.

natus, nata m/f.
male offspring, female offspring.

haud secus
not at all otherwise; just so.

ignipotens, -potentis
fire working; epithet for Vulcan used here as a substantive.

segnis, -e (segnior=comparative form of the adjective )
slow, sluggish, lazy; translate nec with segnior.

mollis, -e
soft, gentle, tender.

stratum, -i n.
coverlets, bed, couch.

fabrilis, -e
of the craftsman, of the smith.

surgo, -ere, -rexi, -rectum
arise, get up.

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