Notes to Funerary Inscription for Aurelia Agrippina

P. Aelius: At first glance the name seems to be PAEUS. However, the inscription uses a ligature (the connection of two or more letters that are written as a single letter) to spell out the nomen, for reasons of limited space on the first line. Thus, the E expresses the letters L and I as well: removing the upper and middle horizontals of the E produces the L, removing all three horizontals produces the I.

Myron, -is, m.
a Greek word meaning fragrant perfume; formerly his slave name and now his cognomen.

coniunx, -iugis, c.
spouse, wife.

Aelius, -i, m.
a family nomen Aelius, referring to both of their children; indirect object of fecit.

Arria, -ae, f.
a female cognomen in the dative case, in apposition to Aeliis; her full name would have been Aelia Arria. Understand et between the names of the children.

Crescens, -entis, m.
a male cognomen, in apposition to Aeliis; his full name would have been Aelius Crescens.

dulcis, -e
sweet; cherished; superlative form.

aedes, -is f.
house; shrine; ie., the sarcophagus in which Agrippina and her children now “live” together.

aes , aeris, n.

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