November 2011

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Traditionally, the Christian church has seen November as a month of commemoration of those who have died. In the northern hemisphere, it is autumn, and one sees the rhythm of nature  changing  in  a brilliant last display of color before the dying of leaves and vegetation. Days shorten and cold replaces the warmth of summer.

The popular celebration of Halloween comes from the Christian custom of beginning a celebration on the night before, the eve of the feast. . Halloween is the Eve of All Hallows (the deceased). All Saints Day is celebrated on November 1st; the following day is named All Souls Day The faithful remember, mourn, and pray for those who have died, “passed” from physical life into another realm of being. The Mass of All Saints Day reminds us that all are called to holiness and hope for an eternal life in the presence of God. It is common that families visit cemeteries bringing flowers and candles to pray at the graves of their loved ones.

Some cultures have incorporated pre-Christian traditions into this season which enhance its commemoration. Mexican and Latin American commemorations can include home altars with items enjoyed by the deceased and picnics at the graveside to “accompany” and remember him or her.

At CNR, the names of deceased family, friends, alums, and others are placed on the altar at daily Mass in Holy Family Chapel as a way to remember that they are always in our hearts and minds.


We remember the following individuals who served CNR in many capacities over the years:  Please Scroll Down


Sister St. Pierre Drury, OSU- faculty SAS


Sister Mary Russo, OSU-alumna, faculty, Dean, SAS, Archivist


Sister Dorothy Ann Kelly, OSU- alumna, faculty, Dean SAS, President



Sister John Baptiste Nicholson, OSU-alumna, member and Chair of the CNR Board of Trustees

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Sr. Elizabeth (Mother St. John) O’Brien, OSU-alumna, faculty SAS, President


Sister Joan McIver (Mother Emmanuel), OSU-alumna, faculty SAS


Sister Irene Kutsky (Mother Basil), OSU-alumna, faculty SAS



Sister Kristin Wenzel, OSU-alumna, faculty SAS



Sister Ursula Baumann, OSU-alumna, faculty SAS, administration



Dr. Mary Sue Wesselkamper-faculty SAS, Dean



Dr. Elizabeth Brophy-faculty  SAS



Dr. Dorothy Hufman-faculty SAS



Father Bernard McMahon-faculty, SAS assistant chaplain, director of Props & Paint



Anne Morrissey-faculty member SAS



Father John J. Quinn-chaplain, faculty SAS



Dr. Daniel Bresnahan-faculty, Graduate School



Dr. Rudolph Eckhardt-faculty SAS


We also remember:

Jack Dunkel-security officer

John McHugh-security officer

John Shands-security officer

Kathy Berryman-staff Graduate School

Kathleen Kavanah-staff, Graduate School

Anne Gallelo- Institutional Research

Joan Connolly LaPorte-alumna, Administrative staff

Cecilda Carneiro-staff, Housekeeping

Anne Hanley- Admissions Office

Sister Yolanda DeMola, SC-Administrative staff

Sister Carolyn Gregory, OSU-alumna, SNR staff