The College of New Rochelle Gill Library 

The Ursulines 
An Exhibit by Martha Counihan, O.S.U Archivist
Online adaptation by Susan Acampora 

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Angela and the Virgins



Ursuline Martyrs of the French Revolution



Painting of St. Angela's father reading to his family



1639 - Quebec foundation



Title page of Reglements



1729 - Painting landing in New Orleans



1804 - Letter from President Thomas Jefferson to new Orleans Ursulines



1825 - Title page of Ursuline Manual



Title page of an anti-Catholic book that led to the burning of the Ursuline Convent in 1840



1855 - Image of Ursuline convent in Morrisania



Image of cover of History of the Academy of Mt. St. Ursula



Leland Castle c. 1900



c 1897 - Photo of nun and child behind Castle



1900 - Cover of Echo de Ste Ursule



c 1900-1909 - Postcards of Leland Castle



1908 - First CNR Graduates



1940 - Mother General St. Jean Martin
and Mother Thomas Aquinas



1946 - Cover of Ursuline Method of Education