The College of New Rochelle

Postcards from the Archives

by Martha Counihan O.S.U.
Online adaptation by Susan Acampora

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Basketball Players


Mandolin Club

Daisy Chain

(The preceeding 6 postcards were created to commemorate
the College's 90th anniversary.)


The Post Office

c. 1937 Post Office on present site of Mooney


c. 1959 Major communication mode—mail box


c. 1959 Post Office


c. 1960 “You’ve got mail!”



Leland Castle

Leland Castle postcards: the colored post card dates from about 1900. The rear tower’s wooden turret was struck by lightning and destroyed in 1926. The “home” and first building of CNR, it was the Ursulines’ convent, school, college, dining room, and chapel until Chidwick was built in 1907. Presently, the Castle houses College Administration and faculty offices, reception rooms, and the Castle Gallery.


(The Gymnasium) Chidwick

The Gymnasium was built in 1907 and housed classrooms, laboratories, offices, and a large state-of-the-art gymnasium/auditorium. It was renamed Chidwick in 1935. Classrooms and Graduate School offices are presently located there.



Maura Hall

Maura Hall was the first residence hall for students built in 1913. It contains rooms for students, a large ballroom (once the dining room), and college offices. The building will soon be undergoing renovation.


Holy Family Chapel

Holy Family Chapel dates to 1923. The ivy was removed because of structural damage; the interior has been renovated several times.



Science Building completed in 1926 houses laboratories and classrooms. Designed by the same architect as Brescia (Talbot Hamlin & H. McGill) it has charming exterior ornament devices.


Brescia Hall

Brescia Hall, completed in three stages in 1926 is a student residence hall. It follows the collegiate gothic architectural style of other campus buildings.


The Sports Building

Sports Building completed in 1932 (demolished for Wellness Center in 1999), had a large gymnasium, swimming pool, social area, dressing rooms, offices.


Mother Irene Gill Library

Mother Irene Gill Memorial Library completed in 1938 and renovated in 2001 is the center of library services for all campuses.



The Dining Hall (Student Campus Center)

Student Campus Center, previously, the Dining Hall, houses food services, meeting rooms, and offices of Student Services, and Security, and the bookstore. It was completed in 1949.


Angela Merici Hall

Angela Merici Hall, opened in 1958 as a residence for seniors. Today it has student rooms, the School of Nursing Learning Center and offices.


Xavier (Mooney)

Xavier (re-named the Mooney Center) built in 1960 has a theater, art studios, student lounge, and offices.



Panoramic Views of the Campus

Holy Family Chapel


Maura Hall


Ursula Hall