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Vintage Science Treasures from the Physics Department
@  The College of New Rochelle - A Gill Library Exhibit

1940's X-Ray Technology Lecture

     We hope you will enjoy this special exhibit at Gill Library, a collaborative effort by the Library, the College Archives, SAS Science and Art Departments, and SNR.  Thanks go to Dr. Lee Warren (SAS Science) who discovered and tenderly cares for the wonderful vintage artifacts you are about to see; to Professor Grace Mullaney for sharing a glimpse into their unique and historical identities as well as stories behind archival photographs; Dr. Louis deSalle (SNR) for his sensitive portraits of each piece, photographs that are works of art in their own right; Sr. Martha Counihan (Archives) for her selection of archival pictures, and her essay about Science at CNR.

     Special thanks to Dr. Susan Canning (SAS) who suggested the exhibit to Lee and me, and to Dean Ana Fontoura (Library) for her support, appreciation, and encouragement without which this project would not have been possible.  She also contributed the dazzling wallpaper graphic!

Professor Susan Acampora (Library)
Onsite and Digital Exhibit