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Gill Library Exhibit: 
For the Love of Animals

.and God saw everything he had made
... and behold it was good...
by Susan Acampora

This exhibit grew out of a synthesis of faculty development opportunities I am fortunate to have experienced through CNR over the years, as well ongoing research related to my personal concerns for the plight of animals in our world today.

Some of the research opportunities that have contributed and inspired this online exhibit are:

The Ecofeminism Project

The 2012 Summer  Symposium on Religion and Environmental Stewardship at Yale Divinity School.  My attendance was made possible by a donation from Nancy Sullivan Murray, sponsor of the Ecofeminism Collection. 

My recent volunteer service opportunity at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary which provides shelter and a chance for a new life to rescued factory farm animals.  Here I received first hand knowledge of the tragedy that has become our meat production industry. 

Re-igniting a long-time passion and interest in animal rights and advocacy, I offer the following resources in celebration of the beautiful and complex lives of animals, our neighbors, companions, and family members.

Hopefully, these materials will also illuminate some of the serious concerns about the plight and suffering of animals in our world today and provide the inspiration and tools to encourage further investigation and action.



Journey of the Universe

Animal Sanctuaries