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Summertime at CNR Exhibit

June 2008
Prepared by Martha Counihan, O.S.U.
Online Adaptation by Susan Acampora

1980’s graduate students learn
al fresco



Summertime at CNR


     In 1907, the first summer session was held at the College, probably at the suggestion of the chaplain, Fr. Patrick Halpin, a former Jesuit who had begun summer sessions at Boston College in the 1880’s and was a co-founder of the very popular Catholic Summer School program for teachers.

1907 New Rochelle Pioneer article on the First Summer Session.





The summer sessions gave public and parochial school teachers an opportunity to study for a BA.  In the early years, there were sessions devoted to school administration as well as to study of liberal arts courses.

For cloistered nuns who were not able to “go out,” living and studying summers at CNR gave many Sisters the opportunity to get a BA and to meet and mingle with a variety of other students.

Leland Castle c. 1940’s: A long line of Ursulines on a then-quiet summer day



Maura Hall in the summer; the fish pond on the lawn was removed by the 1960’s



CNR held summer sessions into the 1930’s and revived them again in the late 1960’s as more teachers needed masters’ degrees for certification or tenure.

1927-28 CNR enrollment statistics; summer enrollment peaked in 1919 with 110 students 7 of whom were Graduate students

Other graduate programs followed, and the Graduate School grew rapidly. When the School of New Resources was founded in 1972, it too began annual summer programs. The first summer programs included cultural enrichment possibilities; later travel/study programs continue to be available for credit to CNR students in all the Schools.

Summer 1952


Summer 1972



Summer 1979


Summer Session 2004



     Heeding the College’s student motto, “Serviam” over the years, CNR students have also given precious vacation time to rural and poor parishes, to tutoring, and to volunteer work with needy persons at home or abroad.


Summer 1982

Article from october 18, 1961.  CNR Missionaries Travel to mexico, Oklahoma, N.C.


In the 1914 Summer Session catalog, in addition to course descriptions, cultural opportunities were available and a series of visiting lecturers spoke on the 15th Century; Tennyson; Montessori Education; and Cross Currents in Education. Tuition for any number of courses was $25; there was a $5 fee for laboratory classes


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