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February Exhibit:   Book Arts

     It is often heard these days, that the era of the book is coming to an end. Through the ubiquity of technological advancement, the internet, electronic books and journals, blogs, wikis and other services of social networking are now the commonplace vehicles we use to communicate, store and share knowledge and ideas.
Tools of traditional book making
 Courtesy of Marge Mount Lynn


    Still, for many, there is something about the book that intrigues and satisfies.  The book remains elemental and intimate.   Books are tactile and immediate andůvulnerable.  They provide a personal space through which we may record, listen, and imagine.


Book Binding
Artist:  Marge Mount Lynn

     Indeed, books are attractive for their functionality, but they are also appealing for their physicality and architectural simplicity and they remain a favorite medium of artists. 


     Some artists work with traditional bookmaking techniques, often working their magic to preserve and repair the rare and damaged item.

Book Binding in Progress
Artist:  Marge Mount Lynn

Other contemporary artists elaborate upon the idea of the book transforming it through the use of a wide variety of techniques and materials including found objects, handmade paper, ceramics, and just about everything and anything.

For more information on contemporary book arts see:  The Center for Book Arts


Nature Scroll
silk, objects from nature, found objects
   Artist:  Susan Acampora    

      Others yet, transform the discarded book.  They carve, soak, sculpt and alter the original book into a new form entirely.  For a sample viewing of altered book arts see The International Society of Altered Book Artists Gallery.    


     This month the CNR Gill Library presents an exhibit on Book Arts.  Examples of traditional bookbinding techniques are shown alongside examples of contemporary book arts.  As different as these approaches are, they share in common the universal appreciation for the essential mystery of the book.



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