A B C s

This exhibit is the work
of Graduate Students in GS Literature 602,
taught by Dr. Alice Siegel.

Alphabet Books



cover page

sample page



Dina Abed El Hadi  "The ABC Book of the U.S. Government"


Monisa Allen   "ABC Content Book!!
(An American Slave: Frederick Douglas)






Geralyn Alva  "Properties of Matter and the Three States"







Regina Barone  "The ABC's of the American Revolution







Danielle Bray  "the ABC's of European Explorers"







Angie Despinasse-Caliate   "The ABC's of the Civil Rights Movement"





Jason Decker "ABC Book of Martin Luther King"





Edina Dodaro  "The A B C Book of Ancient Egypt"







Courtney Gill  ABC Book: Harriet Tubman







Gina Hernandez "ABC Book: Immigration"





Mellisa Hlubik   "ABC Book:  The Underground Railroad






Margherita Kay  







Brianna Kincaid  "What Nicole Knows About Money"







Regina McAteer "I Know My Civil War ABC's!"






Carmen McCallum "A Journey Through Your Digestive System







Maria Mondas







Lori Pascuzzi "the ABCs of Immigration"







Catherine Rose "The A B C Book of the Civil War"









Jennifer Rossi  ABC's of Slavery







Annmarie Sanseverino   "The ABC's of Hibernation"







Jessica Scanlon  "The ABC's of the American Government"





Stephanie Shada "The Geometry Alphabet:  A Mathematical Journey Through the ABC's"







Kenia Soto   A Poetic ABC Book about Immigration







Sheila Tonner  "ABC Immigration Book"






Stefania Vespertino  Journey to America From A to Z







Ying Ying Zhu "I am never too late to learn"