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Google Scholar Help Use this link for assistance using Google Scholar.


Note: Google Scholar search results will include The College of New Rochelle Gill Library holdings only if you access Google Scholar from Gill Library Homepage because our link is set to authenticate CNR users thereby providing access to our library materials. If you access Google Scholar directly from the Google site you will not see the Library's holdings in your search results.


When you search Google Scholar from the link provided on the Library homepage you will receive a link to Full Text for articles if the Library subscribes to a database that provides the full text.


If a search result from Google Scholar leads to a full text article held by Gill Library you will see a link to it as follows:



Additional links are provided by CNR Gill library to assist in locating an item. See Below





If you select Check Gill Library you will see whether the journal is held by Gill Library and you will be provided with additional links to continue your search, such as a link to request this item on Interlibrary Loan.


If you select Library Search you will be able to locate the item in other libraries nearby. An option is available here also to order the item via Interlibrary loan.