Wellness at CNR
March is National Nutrition Month

By Martha Counihan, O.S.U.
College Archivist

Online Adaptation by Susan Acampora


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Mens sana in corpore sano,”  “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” is often quoted in speaking about the importance of maintaining a balance of physical and mental health.

The first classes of students at the College of New Rochelle had an hour of gymnastics and sports daily; twice annual interclass “Meets” of basketball and outdoor sports fostered class spirit. Attendance at lectures on diet, exercise, rest, work, and dress was required of freshmen. Two years of non-credit Physical Education continues today at CNR.

The Wellness Center, 2008, is the third building for student sports. Chidwick’s gymnasium , 1906,(area, now closed), the Sports Building, 1932 ( demolished for the Wellness Center) have given CNR students a place and space to maintain physical and spiritual well being  during their years of study.

 In the first six decades at CNR there was required attendance at dinner for resident students (think: a regular balanced diet and portion control!). For an extra afternoon snack, students walked  to the “ville” for tea at Schrafft’s or sundaes at the Boston Spa. Study hour began at 8 pm, and obligatory lights out at 11 pm gave time for enough sleep.


1907 Archery class on Castle lawn

1913 Basketball team in the new “Gymnasium” building


1920’s Field Day Games


1940’s class exercises in the Sports Building


1950’s Swim class


1980’s Blue Angels, award-winning regional champions


2010 Yoga, Wellness Center

 Many of the titles in this exhibit, loaned by Adrienne Wald, Director of Wellness Education, highlight the importance of a diet derived from plants rather than animal sources.

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