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     The Thomas More Collection

The Thomas More Collection of Gill Library was begun in 1944. Today it consists of nearly 200 volumes, including many rare and valuable early editions of works by More and his contemporaries. Several sixteenth-century editions and numerous seventeenth and eighteenth-century works constitute the core of the Collection.

The Collection, which includes essential bibliographies and critical studies, is an invaluable resource for researchers who are interested in the life and times of Thomas More (1477?-1535), author, statesman, scholar and a major figure of the English Renaissance. Also included in the Collection are works by and about Desiderius Erasmus (1466?-1536), friend of More and symbol of Christian Humanism and the Northern European Renaissance. The Thomas More materials at Gill Library constitute one of only six major More-related specialized book collections held by academic libraries in the United States.

The Collection is housed in the College Archives and is accessible to qualified researchers by appointment only.   Appointments must be made in advance (914-654-5349).



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