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Intercampus Loan
(ICL) Policy and Procedures

New Rochelle Campus and Branch Campuses

Circulating items found in the Gill Library Catalog are held at the following Gill Library locations: Brooklyn, Co-op City, JOC, New Rochelle, Rosa Parks and may be borrowed by patrons who hold a valid CNR ID card as long as their CNR ID card barcode number and a current expiration date are included in Millennium, the integrated library system used by Gill Library.  Circulating items can be sent between these locations so that the patron can pick them up at the most convenient location.

 If by searching the Gill Library Catalog you locate a record for a circulating item that is not held at your CNR Campus Library, you may submit an online request, and it will be delivered to the CNR Campus Library specified in your request for you to pick up.  For example, you may submit an online request for the book, Cats of Any Color: Jazz Black and White, which is only at the JOC Campus Library, to be sent to the Rosa Parks Campus Library or any other CNR Campus Library where you wish to check-out the book.

 To submit an ICL Request, follow these steps: 

  • Search the Gill Library Catalog by Title or Author or Keyword or Subject, etc.
  • Locate the catalog record for the item you wish to request.
  • Click the Request button  in the catalog record or the Place Request link next to the desired item in the catalog result list.
  • On the My Library Record Login screen, enter your name and only the numbers (not the letters) of the barcode on your valid CNR ID card.  Click the Submit button.
  • On the (Hold) Request Verification screen, select your CNR Campus Library from the “Choose a Pickup Location” drop-down menu.
  • Select the appropriate Month Day Year to indicate the Cancel if not filled by” date of your choosing.  Click the Submit button.
  • You will be notified when the item is ready to be picked up and checked-out at the Location indicated on the request.
  • If there is no Request button or link for the desired item, then the item cannot be requested.  The following are reasons that an item may not be requestable:
    • The item is already checked-out, in which case you may request the item by submitting an online interlibrary loan request form by clicking the ILLiad link on the Gill Library home page.
    • The item is non-circulating.

Patrons whose requests are not filled within a few days of their request should notify their CNR Campus Library.  Patrons who need the items sooner than a few days have the option of visiting any CNR Campus Library to check out circulating items, but they should contact the Library to request that a Hold be placed on the item and should check the hours of the Gill Library locations.

 Intercampus Loan service is temporarily suspended when the Branch Campus Libraries are closed for extended periods, for example, during the month of August.

 Explanation of Terms:

Your Home Library is the library located at or near the CNR campus where you attend classes.

Intercampus Loan (ICL) allows you to check-out a circulating item (e.g., book, video, DVD, audiocassette) at one CNR Campus Library (e.g., your Home Library) even though the item belongs at another CNR Campus Library.  You don’t have to travel to the location of the item; the item travels to your location but can take a few days to arrive.

Circulating items may be checked-out and removed from Gill Library.

A valid CNR ID card indicates a valid through date that has not expired or a validation sticker for the current or upcoming semester.  Such cards and stickers are obtained from the Security Office.

A current expiration date, that is an expiration date that has not passed, should be in Millennium, the integrated library system used by Gill Library, for patrons who are registered for or teaching during the current or upcoming semester.  Patrons affiliated with CNR obtain a CNR ID card or a validation sticker from the Security Office.

Non-circulating items are, for example, in the Reference, Reserve, and Archive and Special Collections.  These items can be used inside Gill Library only.

By requesting a Hold on an item, you are letting the Library know that you want to check-out the item.  When the Library receives a Hold request, the item is removed from the collection and placed on a Hold Shelf so that it is available for you to check-out.  Items are kept on the Hold Shelf for one week before being returned to the collection.

On the (Hold) Request Verification screen, using the Choose a Pickup Location drop-down menu, select the CNR Campus Library (e.g., your Home Library) where you wish to pick up the requested item.

Using the Month Day Year drop-down menu, enter a Cancel if not filled by date to let Gill Library know the date to cancel your request if it cannot be filled.  For example, if your research paper is due on April 20, 2009, you might choose April 17, 2009 as the cancel if not filled by date.  One possible reason for Gill Library not filling a request is that the item cannot be found in the collection.

New Rochelle Campus:

Jennifer L. Ransom, Access Services/Reference Librarian: (914) 654-5342 or email 

Christina Blay, Circulation Manager: (914) 654-5340 or email

Branch Campus Reference Librarians:

      See Directory of Branch Campus Libraries


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