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The College of New Rochelle, founded in 1904 by the Ursuline Order, is an independent, multi-purpose institution serving several diverse student populations.  The Graduate School was established in 1969, the School of New Resources (for adult learners) in 1972, and the School of Nursing in 1976.  The School of Arts and Sciences enrolls only women; the other three Schools admit both men and women.  Since the founding of The College of New Rochelle it has grown from one School on one campus, to four Schools with six campuses.

Through its collection and services, Gill Library fully supports and endorses the mission of the College as stated in the catalogs of the four Schools.



The purpose of this policy statement is to provide guidelines for the selection of library materials for Gill Library and to communicate these guidelines to all members of the College community, including library staff, faculty, students and administration.

The primary goal of the library is to provide information resources needed to support the instructional programs of the College.  An effort is made to acquire materials needed for research by faculty and administrators which will be of long-term value to the College.  Informed selection, in distinction to comprehensiveness, is the major collection development goal.  The library collects at the 2 (basic information) and 3 (instructional support) levels of the Research Libraries Group (RLG) Conspectus.  These levels support all courses of undergraduate study and masters’ degree programs as well as more advanced independent study needs.

The library seeks to keep current with curriculum changes and closely monitors trends in advancing library technologies. In response to these objectives, it is intended that this collection development policy statement be flexible and reviewed regularly by the library.  It is further intended that this policy statement be limited to general goals of selection policy and not to specific procedures.

Gill Library endorses and promotes the American Library Association documents on intellectual freedom as set forth in The Library Bill of Rights , The Freedom to Read Statement, and The Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries. Items will not be removed from the collection at the request of those who disagree with their content unless it can be shown to be in violation of this policy statement. The Collection Development Committee reviews all reported concerns about this policy and makes a recommendation to the Dean, who makes the final decision on any issues that may arise.   

The library supports the intent of the September 30, 1994 revision of the copyright law, Title 17 of the United States Code  and the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The library retains the right to reject any request if it is judged in violation of these copyright regulations.


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Selection of books and other library materials, including electronic resources, is based primarily on faculty recommendations and those of librarians assigned to specific subject areas. All faculty, students and staff are encouraged to submit suggestions electronically via our online catalog which is available from our homepage.  Final authority for selection rests with the Collection Development Librarian in consultation with the Dean. Factors influencing selection of both materials and electronic resources are based on commonly accepted criteria for quality of intellectual content in works of contemporary significance and/or permanent value as they relate to the curriculum, to the already existing collection, and to the long-range goals of the library’s collection development.

Systematic collection development and evaluation insure an outstanding library collection. 


  Reference Materials

The Library’s reference collection is designed to meet the basic research, and information needs of the college community.  An attempt is made to provide basic reference works in subject areas contained in or overlapping the curriculum areas, as well as those subject fields common to general information requests.  Specialized types of reference materials collected electronically and in print by Gill Library include: encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, directories, guides and statistical sources insofar as they support the coursework of the four Schools of the College.  The library is moving toward more electronic resources in all areas.

Serials/Electronic Resources

In recent years Gill Library has expanded its holdings of databases, eBooks and World Wide Web resources. The Serials/Electronic Resources Collection Policy is located on the Library homepage.

 Serials, Newspapers and Microformats

Periodicals and serials are selected to meet the needs of the curricula for all four Schools of the College. These materials include specific titles related to the undergraduate and graduate programs of the College and other titles relating to current affairs and areas of general interest. In addition, the collection supports the research needs of the faculty and staff.

The newspaper collection reflects the need for current information on a local and national basis within the budgetary restraints of the department. Titles in foreign languages are included to enhance the learning experience for the students.

The microfiche/microform collection is intended to replace the paper issues of newspapers, to enhance the runs of titles through the inclusion of back runs, and to supplement paper copies where heavy usage, loss, and mutilation are incurred. Where appropriate, other titles are acquired in microforms.


In consultation with the teaching faculty in all subject areas, the library acquires media in accordance with guidelines established for the selection of printed materials. Within such guidelines, the library selects or responds to faculty requests for videocassettes, DVDs, streaming videos, podcasts, webinars and other multi-media materials as they become available.

 Special Collections

Special book collections of Gill Library include the Thomas More, James Joyce, and Ursuline Collections; also included is a miscellaneous group of rare or unusual items which comprise the “Special Collection.”  These special book collections were acquired through purchase and donation and include many pre-1800 imprints and numerous first, signed, or limited editions.  The special book collections are supplemented by on-going purchase of materials, as well as by gifts.  The Thomas More, James Joyce, and Ursuline Collections are maintained as special-subject book collections with significant research value.  Acquisitions include both new publications in the subject areas and rarer items which will fill gaps in the three collections.


 The College Archive is the depository of the permanent official and non-official records of the College.  These records have been judged by the Archivist to be worthy of preservation for their administrative, fiscal, historical, or legal value.  The College Archive promotes knowledge and understanding of the origins, aims, programs, growth and development of the College; provides information services to assist the operation of the College; and serves the purposes of research and scholarship by making its collections available and encouraging their use.   

The Collection Policy for the Gill Library Archives and Special Collections is located on the homepage.


The library encourages gifts of useful materials with the understanding that the Dean determines their ultimate disposition.  This agreement is to be made known at the time the gift is accepted.  Upon request gifts are acknowledged in writing with a copy kept in the Dean’s office.  Legally the library cannot provide official appraisals of gifts for tax or inheritance purposes. See the complete Gifts Policy on the Library homepage.


Given the inherently fragile nature of books and other library materials and the hazards of environmental conditions (both general and particular), a major challenge facing all library collections is planning for long-term conservation/preservation and for unforeseen disasters.  Gill Library holdings have undergone both general and specialized conservation/preservation surveys. Gill Library is committed to the best possible conservation/preservation policies and measures appropriate to the collection, whether it is binding, boxing or digitization of fragile photographs and documents in the College Archives.   

Revised November 2011



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