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Library Cards  
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CNR Students, Staff, Faculty and other members of the CNR community:

A valid CNR ID card with a barcode serves as a library card at all CNR campuses and is required for borrowing Library materials, for Interlibrary (ILL) or Intercampus Loan (ICL) requests and to renew items using the online catalog.  CNR ID cards are obtained at the Security Office.  The ID card must be validated at the beginning of each semester at the Security Office.  To ensure that your card has been updated in the Library’s system, bring your validated CNR ID card to the Library Circulation Desk at the beginning of each semester.  If the expiration date on your Library record has expired and the "valid through" date on your CNR ID card has expired, you will be asked to show the Library proof of registration for the current or upcoming semester.


To obtain borrowing privileges at Gill Library, CNR alumnae/i may apply for a Gill Library Alumnae/i Card.  Alumnae/i Cards are issued at the Circulation Desk in Gill Library upon completion of an application with presentation of a valid photo ID and $25 (cash or check payable to Gill Library).  A Gill Library Alumnae/i Card is valid for one year from the date the card is issued.   When the card expires, CNR Alumnae/i may apply for a renewal.

Due to database licensing restrictions, only students currently enrolled at CNR and the faculty and staff of the College may obtain a CNR Network User name and Password, which allows them to have remote access to the Gill Library databases.  Alumnae/i may access the Gill Library databases on site only by being logged on to the CNR Network by a Gill Library staff or faculty member.  Alumnae/i are welcome to utilize many other Gill Library resources on site.


To obtain borrowing privileges at Gill Library, a patron who is not a CNR alumna/us or currently affiliated with CNR may apply for a Gill Library Subscriber Card.  Subscriber cards are issued at the Circulation Desk in Gill Library upon completion of an application with presentation of a valid photo ID and $50 (cash or check payable to The College of New Rochelle).   A Gill Library Subscriber Card is valid for one year from the date the card is issued and entitles the subscriber to borrowing priviledges only.  See Visitor Policy for more details.   When the card expires, Subscribers may apply for a renewal.

Loan Policies
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Books, CD-ROMs, Compact Discs and Audiocassettes:

CNR students and staff may borrow books, CDs and audiocassettes for three weeks.  These items may be renewed for three weeks, unless another patron has requested a hold.  CNR faculty members may borrow books for a full semester.  The due date is indicated on a card issued with the item when it is checked out and also appears in the Gill Library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) record for the item.

Videos and DVDs:

Videos and DVDs may be borrowed for one week and renewed for one week unless another patron has requested a hold.  Videos and DVDs may also be viewed in the Media Room in Gill Library.

Reserve Items:

Physical items (e.g., books, videos and other media) and digitized items (e.g., articles, chapters, syllabi) may be placed on Reserve at the request of CNR instructors for use by their students while their courses are in session.

Up to three physical Reserve items may be requested at a time for in-Library use by providing the call number(s) at the Circulation Desk.  The call numbers for physical Reserve items may be obtained either by searching the Gill Library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)  or the ERes Course Reserve Page.  The Location field in the catalog record for the item indicates "Reserve" preceded by the campus.  The catalog may be searched by title, author, subject, keyword or call number.

The Library creates a Course Reserve Page in ERes for instructors who place items on Reserve.  Students may access the ERes Course Reserve Page on or off campus using the password(s) provided to them by their instructor(s) and by searching by course number, course name, department or instructor.

Upon presentation of a valid CNR ID card, up to three books on Reserve may be checked-out for up to two hours.  A video on Reserve may be checked-out for up to three hours.  Reserve items may be renewed unless another patron has requested a hold.



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Three periodical issues may be requested at a time for in-Library use.  The patron’s ID card is held at the Main Desk until all items are returned.  Patrons may check the Gill Library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)  for periodical titles that the Library has available in full-text, in print, on microfilm or microfiche.

Renewal Requests

Renewal periods are the same as the original loan period except where indicated otherwise.  Patrons may request a renewal on circulating items as long as another patron has not placed a hold on them.  Renewals may be requested at the Circulation Desk in person, online via My Library a on the Gill Library homepage or by phone.  Up to two Renewals per item will be granted as long as a Hold by another patron is not already on the item.

Hold Item Requests

Requests to hold an item in the Circulating Collection, regardless of which CNR Campus Library owns the item, may be submitted online via the Gill Library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)  (online catalog).  Requests for certain items in other Collections may not be filled, e.g., Reference, Reserve, Periodicals and Special Collections.  Holds for items that are currently checked-out, missing or currently unavailable cannot be submitted via the Gill Library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)  but must be requested through the Library Staff.  The patron may wish to submit an ILLiad  (Interlibrary Loan) request for items that are unavailable from the CNR Campus Libraries.  When the requested item becomes available, the Library notifies the patron to pick up the item at the Circulation Desk of the Campus indicated in the request.  Items are kept on the Hold Shelf for up to two weeks before being returned to the Circulating Collection; if the patron specifies an earlier hold expiration date in his or her request, the item may be returned to the Circulating Collection prior to two weeks.


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Overdue Items:

Books, CD-ROMs, Compact Discs, Audiocassettes - 10 cents per item per day

Videos, DVDs - $1.00 per item per day

Reserve Items - $1.00 per item per hour or part of an hour

Overdue fines do not accrue on the days that the Library is closed.

Lost Items:

The fee for a lost item is the amount the Library determines it would cost to replace the item plus a processing fee of $10.00.  The Library does not permit the patron to replace the item.

The maximum overdue fine is $50.00.

A student's Gill Library borrowing privileges and access to CNR academic records (e.g. registration records, transcripts) will be blocked when the student owes $25 or more to Gill Library or when the student has been billed by Gill Library.


Photocopying, Printing, Microform Reader/Printers - New Rochelle Campus
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Gill Library (New Rochelle Campus) maintains three photocopiers on the first floor, all of which accept coins, bills or a Gill Library Copy Card.  Photocopies cost 10 cents each

Computer printouts

Gill Library (New Rochelle Campus) maintains one network printer on the first floor and one on the second floor.  Printouts cost 10 cents each.  Patrons send print jobs to the network printer by:

·         clicking “Print” at their computer workstation

·         entering a User ID at their computer workstation

·         inserting a Gill Library Copy Card in the card reader near the printer

·         clicking their User ID on the monitor screen near the printer

·         clicking “Cash Payment Option” on the monitor screen

          Microform reader/printer printouts

Gill Library (New Rochelle Campus) maintains four microform (microfilm and microfiche) reader/printers.  Patrons pay 10 cents per page at the Circulation Desk.


Gill Library Copy Cards (New Rochelle Campus)
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Patrons purchase a Gill Library Copy Card by inserting a single dollar bill into the copy card vending machine located in Gill Library, Room 114.  Upon purchase of the copy card, 50 cents will be deducted for the cost of the card, and 50 cents will remain on the card until it is used to make photocopies or computer printouts in Gill Library.  Value can be added to the copy card for continued use by adding $1, $5, $10, $20 bills.  Once you have purchased a copy card, it is advisable to print your name on the back and to have it with you when visiting Gill Library to avoid having to purchase a new card.


Photocopying and Printing - Branch Campuses
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 The Libraries at the Branch Campuses each maintain a photocopier and a network printer.  Photocopies cost 10 cents per copy.  Each photocopier accepts coins and bills.  Computer printouts cost 10 cents per page.


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New Rochelle Campus:

Jennifer L. Ransom, Access Services/Reference Librarian: (914) 654-5342 or email 

Christina Blay, Circulation Manager: (914) 654-5340 or email

Branch Campus Reference Librarians:

      See Directory of Branch Campus Libraries


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