by Magdalena Goins
mask of Clytemnestra as ghost

My name is what it is
and it stands as strong as a tree
For I am queen and shall be ruler too
I let it stand for it shall be.


I am more than I appear
I have nothing at all to fear
My subtle ways or deceitful plans
will get me what I want in my hands.

With my hands I shall strike thee
as graceful as to not be forgotten
and with all that this takes place
I shall eventually lie in the ground rotten.


My thoughtless contemplation
of how to go about my plans
is just simple mere upset
of all that is known by the land.

And this land that I betray
my husband, my offspring, my house,
and in the ground I shall wither
for all that I do quiet as a mouse.


The use of desire, deceit and despair
is nothing in this cold, cold place
for all I wanted was power and truce
of all that is mine, I shall grace.

One time I was just treasured
then came a time of displace;
now stands the time for revenge
next lies utter disgrace.


My life that has now ended
because I wanted it all,
there is still so much to capture
in my own little oracle ball.

Lifeless and powerless
but still in command,
how can I pay back
those that treated me bad...

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