titleby Lisa Mecca
Death of Iphigenia

He took my child from me;
Pain is all that I can see.
His home and ground do I tend,
But my heart will never mend.
And on this day I give my Oath
To seek revenge for a man I loathe.
Why, you ask, was his action so extreme?
Well he loves his land more than his Daughter
And me.
I am an estranged wife
Through the wrong that he committed on our daughter.
In order to ensure that adverse winds
Would not pin Greeks to shore,
He gave her up for slaughter.
Do they think that the pain of birth
Is the only pain mothers feel?
For this curse is stronger
Than any one Artemis can reveal.
For my husband is entangled in a yoke
Stuck in a dilemma to choose between his blood
And his throne.
Damn you, half-sister Helen,
For you are the cause of war.
Because of you I lost Iphigeneia,
So young and so poor.
Would it be fair if the situation was in reverse?
If Menelaus were stolen from Helen,
Would I have to sacrifice Orestes
To satisfy a curse?
Of course not.
Agamemnon is the king,
And this was just another decision he made.
However much time has gone by
And the intense sorrow will not fade.
Once a mother of three,
Happy and content,
Is now suffering
The worse pain a mother can lament.
Avenging the death of the sacrifice is the only cure
In remembering my daughter Iphigeneia
So young and so poor.


Agamemnon took all from me,
My pride, my love, my dignity.
What does he bring me from the Trojan War?
Nothing but a prophetic whore.
He insults me more than any man can,
Introducing her to our bed while I'm at hand.
All the while I thought he was leading an honorable battle,
Afier all that was why he slaughtered my daughter like sacrificial cattle.
I will not allow for this double standard to persist,
That is why when Agamemnon was gone I took Aegisthus.
Agamemnon returns from Troy, flaunting his trophy from his strife,
With complete disregard for the feelings of his wife.
I will take it no more.
This is the last action I will endure.
The day I have planned
Will soon come at hand.
First Aegisthus comes to my bed
With schemes of revenge in his own head.
With Aegisthus in my heart
Taking Agamemnon's kingdom we will start.
I will take his life with little pleasure
As he took my daughter's, my treasure.
I will watch him die without a care,
And so Cassandra his fate will share.

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