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Panel: Women in the Legal Profession

April 28, 7:00 pm, Student Campus Center C

Please note: There will be no class at 2:00 pm on April 28; instead, attend the panel at 7:00 pm. Critical papers are due at that time.

Women in the Legal Profession Readings

April 28:

April 30:

Written Assignment (due April 30): Answer all parts of the following question fully; when referring to the readings, cite properly, including page numbers.

What was your overall reaction to the panel? Describe two points made by the panelists that you found most significant and explain how these relate to the readings for this week (or indeed to issues raised earlier in the course). Menkel-Mendow and some of the scholars in Bernstein's story argue that women learn and practice the law differently from men. Did the panelists support this contention? How do you think that the large increase in the number of women in the legal profession will affect the way law is practiced and taught?

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January 1998