course title Gender and Modes of Communication

Power Resources that can be employed in influencing others (see Lips, 56-74)

Source-dependent resources (located in or attributed to the influencer)

Source-independent resources (not necessarily located in influencer)

Influence Strategies: methods and manner of employing power resources in influence attempts; various combinations of these are possible

Gender Theories

Effects of Influence Strategies on Influencers: those who successfully employ direct, competent and concrete strategies tend to gain in self-esteem, satisfaction, and public status; those who habitually employ indirect, helpless, and personal strategies risk

Sex as a Master Status: (see Lips, 93-114). Status can be

gendered communcation

Nonverbal Communication Patterns: (see Lips, 110-13)

Locations from which nonverbals originate:

Functions of nonverbals: reinforcement, qualification, replacement, or contradiction of the verbal part of a message

Meanings of nonverbals:

Nonverbal cues associated with males tend to be signals of dominance, while those associated with females tend to be signals of submission

March, 1999
Barbara F. McManus
Topics and Assignments