Clytemnestra's bloody serpentine hand
by Dawn Land (view image)
Raised a child, first born girl,
A sacrifice for a war.
Pined and toiled for her sweet
That in the Elysian Fields they might meet.
Called up a storm of lightning
From Troy to Argos fast
So she would know when her husband
Came home at last.
Took a lover called a wolf
Stayed him in her bed
All the while thoughts of Agamemnon
Danced in her head.
Wishing Agamemnon dead,
They planned an awful attack
Where Clytemnestra would chop
Her husband down
While he in robes tied ’roun’
“Sing Sorrow, Sorrow”
With this last thought made action
She and weak lion become
King and Queen
Always fighting against the faction
Namely Electra and Orestes.
And when the faction
Became girl and snake
Clytemnestra found herself
In quite an ugly state. (view image)
Lover dead and her wait not long,
She prayed that he might hurry
She died not before leaving
Her snake-boy with a curse.
Her angst great, she sent him her Fury!
As a ghost, she poked and prodded
Her Furies on
Never to guess that Athene
Would remove her curse
Mother-blood comes second, not first.
That man-woman-snake
Who is no more
Sing hurrah, hurrah!
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