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Comparable Worth Readings

March 24:

March 26:

Written Assignment (due March 26): Answer all parts of the following two questions fully; when referring to the readings, cite properly, including page numbers.

  1. What is "comparable worth"? How does it differ from the concept of "equal pay for equal work"? What kind of employment situation is it intended to rectify (in the course of answering this question, include one specific example from the readings)? What is the legal status of "comparable worth" in comparison with "equal pay for equal work"?
  2. What are the pros and cons of "comparable worth" as a strategy for promoting equality for women in the area of employment? Drawing upon the readings and discussion for this unit, explain what you see as the two most meaningful arguments in favor of this strategy and the two most meaningful arguments against it. Then describe your personal reaction to this strategy. Do you think it would be appropriate and effective to legally enforce "comparable worth"? Why or why not?

Additional Links on Comparable Worth

Women and Law Syllabus
January 1998