African American Persona 1

I agree with what the chapter is referring to about social roles: gender, race and class. Being a strong and proud African American female I understand I must exceed societies expectations of me. Many points brought up in this chapter I can relate to because I am a female and also because I am a minority These points have a positive and negative effect on me; for example, I am faced with negative stereotypes everyday because of my sex and race. Although these stereotypes are negative I am able to realize I am strong enough to prove them wrong. I am a full time student with a good part time job and I plan to educate myself to the fullest. In. order for me to accomplish my goals I must put these negative constraints aside.

I also agree that. oppressed groups find it difficult to express their own view of themselves. Since I am a female and an African American I can't identify with the dominant or superior group because we have been oppressed for so long we're unable to relate. The most difficult obstacles for women to overcome is gender oppression. We must stand up for ourselves and make society aware that we are just as capable as any other male individual. There are many examples in the corporate world where women are still oppressed. For example there are more male senior executives, most men make more money doing the same job as a women, and women are still considered a liability in their child bearing years.

African American Persona 2

In today's society women are faced with obstacles that can make their roles in life difficult. Imagine to be a woman of another race, culture, society, belief and people; how would the role of the society or culture affect her role? In perspective to this statement I place myself in the shoes of an African American woman to whom I can mostly relate to as a role of a women. I myself am a Hispanic woman.

Looking into the African American Culture and their ways of living. You will always have your typical cases of subservientness in being a mother, wife and lover to your male hierarchal counterpart. The obstacle I see among woman of color are twice as difficult. One fact is that we are of color and the other is that we are women.

I can see myself like an African American woman trying to obtain a position in a law firm. Let's say for example there is a white male also applying for this position, along with an African American male and a white female. Keep in mind that all these individuals applying for this position have the same credentials. The obstacles I am facing as a young African American female are race, ethnicity, social construction of roles and social stereotypes and social classes of gender. Even though I have the same qualifications as the others, according to the obstacles I have listed the white man would come first for this position because of his race, ethnicity, status and mainly SEX.

Then would come the African American male because of his sex, status, race and ethnicity. After this the white female because of her status, sex, race and ethnicity and after that I as the African American female is at the bottom of the list with sex, status, race and ethnicity.

This is just one example of how obstacles can make the lives of woman more difficult in their roles. It's evident that there are hundreds more but this was an analogy I preferred to discourse.

African American Persona 3

The ethnic group I will pick is African American. African Americans in general face discriminations. I chose to represent this group because I am a minority as well, but of a different kind. I think that an African American person has to have a strong will and a strong personality. So as a female I see myself as a strong African American woman who will not stop at anything until she achieves her goal. I am a leader and not a follower, I do as I feel fit. I do not give up easily. I see myself with a strong personality. As an African American woman I face many obstacles, I'm unable to get a good job and sometimes I face discriminations because of my color. It's hard to get treated like a decent human being because we are looked down upon. There is really no good way to overcome the obstacles that may come into one's path, but the best way is to continue to be strong and courageous and not stop at any cost. People will always discriminate what they do no understand, and until they get that certain understanding we have to be the ones that ignore the negative behaviors and look onto the positive.

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