Present Tense Verbs Forms Quiz
(Oxford Latin I. 1-8)

Here is a list of Latin verbs and their meanings from the Oxford Latin text, chapters 1-8, that will be used in the following quiz (please note that in the infinitive forms I have used a circumflex instead of a macron to indicate the long vowels):

ambulo, ambulâre to walk voco, vocâre to call
video, vidêre to see moneo, monêre to warn
sedeo, sedêre to sit duco, ducere to lead
mitto, mittere to send dico, dicere to speak
cupio, cupere to desire facio, facere to do or make
audio, audîre to hear venio, venîre to come

Here is a drill that can test you on your ability to create present tense verb forms using the verbs listed above.

Present Tense Verb Forms Quiz
Because of the limitations of my ability to write Javascript, to do the quiz below will require you to write your answers according to the following rules: use only lower-case (no capital letters); do not use any extra spaces; do not attempt to mark long vowels.
Click on the Next Question button to start the quiz. When the English phrase appears, write the correct Latin verb form in the box provided, then click Check Current Answer to see if you were correct. Once a message has appeared in the Results window, click the Next Question button to go to next question.
NB: In order to get credit for each right answer, you must click on the Check Current Answer button before going on to the next question.
Give the Latin verb form for the following English phrases.
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English Phrase:
Latin Verb Form:

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Thanks to Jean Alvares of Montclair State University for his generous sharing of the javascript codes on which this quiz was based.

Barbara F. McManus, October 1999
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