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due May 2

Answer all parts of the following question fully; when referring to the readings, cite properly, including page numbers and a full citation at the end of the assignment.

As D. Kelly Weisberg states, “The subject of pornography has fragmented feminists into several camps. These factions include those who oppose censorship (liberal and libertarian feminists) and those who oppose pornography (radical feminists)” (8). Based on the readings for this unit, which of these two camps do you think has the stronger legal case? Summarize the major arguments of the side you have chosen, referring specifically to the readings. Besides using the introduction, draw on Dworkin and Easterbrook if you choose the antipornography side and on Hunter and Law and Emerson if you choose the anticensorship side. As you summarize these arguments, explain why you think they have a strong legal basis.

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HON303/WMS303 Topics and Assignments II
April 2000