Because at The College of New Rochelle 
you will:
  • participate more fully in and out of class and build higher levels of self esteem. 
  • have more opportunities to hold leadership positions.
  • be part of a caring and supportive community.
  • be surrounded by excellent women role models.
  • be prepared for challenging careers in the new millennium.
Women are role models and leaders 
within the faculty, the administration, 
and the student body

With an atmosphere of intellectual challenge and support that focuses on the educational needs of women, the School of Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate programs in all traditional disciplines of the liberal arts and sciences, and in many professionally oriented fields. In the School of Arts and Sciences, we encourage our students to think, probe and be inquisitive; to speak up for themselves and take action; to take on leadership positions; to try out new interests and acquire new skills. 

At The College of New Rochelle, women are role models and leaders within the faculty, the administration, and the student body. These role models allow students to see themselves in leadership positions, and to seek advice and guidance. Additionally, women from outside the college community come to the campus to share their experiences and lend their expertise. 

A faculty of over 60 nationally and internationally distinguished scholars provide academic supervision to the 500 young women enrolled in the School of Arts and Sciences. The School offers a challenging educational program to students who have the ability, motivation, and talent to benefit from a competitive academic setting. 

Classroom experiences and involvement in campus activities provide our students with the foundation for successful professional careers. 

Internships and cooperative educations programs, combine on-campus study and off-campus work experience. Women faculty serve as role models, allowing our students to seek advice and guidance in addressing challenges, including the challenges particular to women in contemporary society. 

Graduates of women’s colleges earn more!

Research has shown that graduates of women’s colleges earn more than the national average of all women with college degrees. They represent 33% of all Fortune 1000 corporate board members and 42% of all female members of Congress. And, they are more than twice as likely to receive doctoral degrees and enter medical school than women graduates of coeducational colleges.

"Not every girl is willing to choose a women’s college... Yet, every day I appreciate the fact that there are no guys in my classes, that I can walk into class without worrying about my makeup or sounding too smart. The simple fact is you can meet guys anywhere, but it is not  everyday that you come across a college whose sole duty is to make you a stronger woman to face the world and achieve your goal."
Suzette Walker ’00
English major

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