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NEW ROCHELLE, NY, November 18, 2005 -- The College of New Rochelle (CNR) today announced that the School of Arts & Sciences has been selected as one of four higher education institutions to participate in a unique project, “Beyond the Campus”, funded by the National Science Foundation. The Wildlife Conservation Society—Bronx Zoo obtained funding to research the efficacy of adapting a successful training program for science teachers, for use in preparing elementary school teachers with science education before they begin their careers. Lehman College, Brooklyn College, and Hunter College are the other participating schools. The program is expected to start January 28, 2006 for one semester.
We are honored that the Bronx Zoo has chosen CNR to be a participant in this exciting project,” said Dr. Richard Thompson, Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences.
“Our College has always been committed to helping provide teachers with the education and tools they need to succeed in the classroom, especially in science and math education.”

The Bronx Zoo is an international leader in environmental science training workshops for K-12 teachers. It is the single largest provider of professional development focusing on environmental science in the world. The Bronx Zoo’s workshops have been shown through extensive evaluation to significantly improve the science knowledge, teaching skills, and enthusiasm of in-service teachers as well as the science understanding, competencies and engagement of their students.  
Informal science institutions (ISIs), such as zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, and science museums, represent a tremendous resource for teacher education. ISIs have the unique capacity to capitalize on the enthusiasm teachers have for experiencing their exhibits and collections to engage the interest and support of teachers for science education.

The Bronx Zoo’s primary goal with “Beyond the Campus” is to determine how and to what extent a successful ISI-based training program for in-service teachers may be adapted to provide generalist pre-service elementary teachers with appropriate science education knowledge, skills and dispositions before they start their careers in the classroom.  This project will also look at how an ISI may collaborate successfully with local colleges and universities to meet these objectives.

The School of Arts & Sciences, established in 1904, continues its tradition of enrolling only women. It offers undergraduate degrees in all traditional disciplines of liberal arts and sciences and a number of professional fields. A core curriculum is required, and dual-degree programs, interdisciplinary studies, independent-study options and flexible honors programs are also offered. SAS alumnae include: Wen Chen, scientific editor of Neuron magazine; Mary O’Connor Donohue, lieutenant governor of the State of New York; Mercedes Ruehl, Academy- and Tony-Award winning actress; Anne Marie Sweeney, Co-chair, Disney Media Networks Unit and President, Disney-ABC Television Group; and Aulana Pharis Peters, the first African-American woman to serve as an SEC Commissioner.

The first Catholic college for women in New York State, The College of New Rochelle was founded in 1904 by the Ursuline Order. Today, it comprises the all-women School of Arts & Sciences, and three schools which admit women and men: the School of New Resources (for adult learners), the School of Nursing and the Graduate School.  The main campus of the College is located in lower Westchester County, 16 miles north of New York City.  The College maintains six other campus locations in New York City. Visit the College’s website at www.cnr.edu

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