IS technician Sal Castiglione makes sure that School of Nursing student Alicia DeLuca will be able to start the semester fully prepared to take advantage of CNR's technological resources.

The College of New Rochelle provides all first-year students in the School of Arts & Sciences and School of Nursing with Dell laptop computers when they arrive at the beginning of each fall semester. These new computers are Dell Latitude D630, 2.00GHz, Intel Core Duo T2400, 14.1 WXGA, 24X CDRW/DVD Combo Drive, 2.0 GB RAM, 2Dimm, SDRAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, Windows XP Professional, SP2, Ethernet/Modem Card, Microsoft Office 2007 Pro Academic, and CNR laptop sleeve.

Based on the premise that technology is an essential tool in intellectual life, the laptop initiative was created by The College of New Rochelle to prepare students with the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly complex society. Today, CNR is one of only a few select liberal arts institutions to provide such an extensive technological resource program.

The laptop program is one of many technological resources that help our students. By providing laptops to  students in the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Nursing, these students have access to the latest technology tools.

During the exciting first year of the program, the faculty made many innovative uses of technology to enhance the students learning experiences. For example, by integrating the laptops into the College Curriculum, The College of New Rochelle transformed the learning environment. It provided students and faculty easy access to state-of-the art technology tools and resources. Also, because of laptops and wireless capabilities, the faculty and students have tremendous flexibility. They are able to access the library and web based resources anywhere and at anytime, on the main campus, as well as all of the city campuses.

All the students of CNR benefit from having the College provide them with many technological resources that include:

  • ANGEL, CNR’s Web-based course management system. ANGEL is currently used by over 2,000 students and faculty at the College.

  • Renovated computer labs and technology classrooms on all campuses.

  • Stand up computer stations on the main campus where students can check emails, class assignments, and note changes in class schedules.

  • Expanded wireless provides web access throughout the main campus and in public spaces at the branch campuses.

Central to the fulfillment of the technology plan has been the recent multimillion dollar renovation of the Mother Irene Gill library, which has been transformed into an open modern facility with hundreds of new data ports and workstations, and provides access to advanced research tools to students in all four Schools.

According to President Stephen J. Sweeny, “Technology at The College of New Rochelle is firmly rooted in the mission of the institution, which states that: its primary purpose is the intellectual development of persons through the maintenance of the highest standards of academic excellence and educational growth. At CNR we see technology as an essential tool to enhance communication and collaboration in support of the mission of the College.”

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