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  1. Please select the school, year, and semester of the course(s) you are researching. You must answer each of these questions or the program will not continue.
  2. Press the "Continue" button.
  3. Several other dropdown lists will appear. Select none or as many of the dropdown lists as you wish. The more lists you answer, the more refined your search will be.
  4. Press the "Go" button. Your search list will appear.
  5. You will notice in each course row there is a link in the "Course No." column. Pressing this link will take you to a bookstore page that lists information on the books and/or materials you need for the course in question.
  6. After seeing the course information you need, you may refine you search by selecting more dropdown lists or changing the selections you have already made. To initiate another search for another semester simply press the "Clear" button.


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