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Students research earthworms and other invasive species through independent projects and class field trips.


Megan Skrip and Shonda Gaylord

Since Fall 2004, Shonda Gaylord conducted earthworm research for her Student-Faculty Research Scholarship. Shonda's project is entitled: "The distribution and impact of non-native earthworms in temperate deciduous forests in the NY Metropolitan area."

Megan Skrip worked with Shonda and Dr. Kostel-Hughes as part of an Honors Contract. Megan presented her research, entitled “Worms in the Woods: The Effects of Exotic Earthworms on Forest Leaf Litter and Its Inhabitants,” at the April 2005 North East National Collegiate Honors Council (NE-NCHC) conference in NJ.


Environmental Biology students visit Marshlands every year.

Their research has included the following:

Sampling for earthworms

Collecting and analyzing data on stands of Norway Maple, Acer platanoides

Performing clearing treatments of garlic mustard, Alliaria petiolata, to see if these treatments can be effective for managing this highly invasive species

Megan Skrip, Jennifer Sanfratello, Temitope Fawole, Michele Permaul,
and Alana Brown dig for worms.

Students in Conservation Biology have participated in vine management of Oriental bittersweet, Celastrus orbiculatus.

Alison Beall, Lacy Ann Landell, Elizabeth Skrip, Nur Funches, Giau Nguyen,
Surena Simpson, & Geisha Osborne