Net Price Calculator


The purpose of this estimator is to help students and their families understand the costs associated with attending The College of New Rochelle and the potential sources of financial aid the student may receive to help defray those costs.

How the Net Price Calculator Works

The calculator requires an estimated/expected family contribution (efc) to begin the calculation of your net price for the upcoming academic year. There are two(2) ways to supply your efc to the calculator:

  1. If you already have your estimated family contribution (efc), answer "yes" to the question at the end of this page and completely answer the question panel that follows.
  2. If you do not have your efc, one will be calculated for you. Simply answer "no" to the question at the end of this page. You will be presented with a series of question panels you must complete. None of the information you input in the panels will be saved in any database. The resulting efc is calculated using the same federal methodology employed by the federal government when you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

What the Net Price Calculator Calculates

Fixed Cost of Attendance
the set costs you must pay to the college for the upcoming academic year. This calculation always includes tuition and fees. If you choose to live on campus, room and board is added to tuition and fees.
Variable Cost of Attendance
the estimated costs of attendance that you may pay for attending the college in the upcoming academic year. This figure includes books, personal expenses, and transportation to and from the college. If you choose to live off campus, an estimated room and board number is included in this figure.
Estimated/Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
the amount you and your family are expected to contribute toward your education costs.
Estimated Student Need
the amount of funds you are estimated to need to attend college for the upcoming academic year. It is the cost of attendance minus your estimated family contribution.
Estimated Financial Aid
the funds contributed by the College and state and federal governments to help pay for your education in the current academic year. This figure may include a Pell grant (if you are an American citizen or Eligible Non-Citizen), NYS TAP award (if you are a New York State resident), a merit scholarship, general college aid, work/study aid, and/or federal loans.
Fixed Net Price
the amount of financial aid left after your total aid is applied to your fixed cost of attendance. If the number is surrounded by parentheses, this amount may be refunded to you to help to pay for your variable costs.
Variable Net Price
the amount of aid left after your variable costs are paid. This figure will also serve as you overall net price.
Overall Net Price
the amount you and your family are expected to contribute after all aid is applied to your cost of attendance for the upcoming academic year. If there is a set of parentheses surrounding this number, this aid will be refunded to you.


This program is a financial aid estimation program. As such, the information provided by the program is an approximation, not a statement of fact. The sole purpose of this program is to give the student and his/her family an idea what financial resources may be needed to attend CNR. This is not a commitment of an actual aid award.

Let's Begin!

Please complete the two(2) questions below, and press the "Next" button. You must answer the two questions or the calculator will not continue.