Religion has played a key role in most of the world's history, literature, and social institutions.  The Religious Studies Program is dedicated to the exploration of religion as one of the significant areas of human life and as a key to understanding of the world.  Students delve into the religious studies field with the goal of developing critical and responsible standards of judgment and an appreciation of the religious elements in life.  In addition to courses that focus on the Catholic tradition, students have the opportunity to explore the different aspects of other religious traditions, as well as take courses that concentrate on particular facets of religious meaning and values, and issues confronting religious belief in today's world.


In addition to the requirements of the School of Arts and Sciences, the Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies requires 36 credits.  These courses should include:

  • Religious Elements in Life
  • Introduction to the Bible
  • Belief in Jesus
  • Morality and Sexuality

Each major's program is designed in consultation with the department chairperson.  Independent study is encouraged to develop each student's research skills and depth of knowledge in certain areas.


The Self in Context 3 cr.
Introduction to the Bible 3 cr.
Writing (by placement) 3 cr.
Mathematics (by placement) 3 cr.
Liberal Arts Core 3 cr.
Physical Education 0 cr.
  15 cr.
American Perspectives 3 cr.
Religious Elements in Life 3 cr.
Writing 3 cr.
Liberal Arts Core 3 cr.
Elective 3 cr.
Physical Education 0 cr.
  15 cr.



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