The Philosophy Program engages students in philosophical thinking, provides an opportunity for reflecting on the insights of great thinkers, and encourages using philosophical reasoning for understanding life and for exploring its mysteries.

Philosophy develops thinking skills and moral reasoning which serve as preparation for effective living and professional success in a wide array of fields including business, communication, education, health care and law.


In addition to the requirements of the School of Arts and Sciences, the Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy requires 30 to 36 credits in philosophical thinking.  Selecting from a wide range of courses, the student can design an individualized program of study in consultation with a faculty advisor.  The program includes some independent study and/or a seminar and a senior thesis is required.

Philosophy majors are strongly urged to follow a sequence of courses in other departments or fields to provide material for philosophical reflection.


The Self in Context 3.0 cr.
Philosophy of Human Rights 3.0 cr.
Writing (by placement) 3.0 cr.
Mathematics (by placement) 3.0 cr.
Liberal Arts Core 3.0 cr.
Physical Education 0.0 cr.
  15.0 cr.
American Perspectives 3.0 cr.
Writing 3.0 cr.
Liberal Arts Core 6.0 cr.
Physical Education 0.0 cr.
  15.0 cr.



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