Learning about people of the past and those who live in cultures vastly different from ours will provide you with a new perspective on the nature of society today.  The History Program allows you to explore the rich history of our world, while helping you to fully understand public occurrences and current trends.  The program will develop your ability to read and think critically, to understand the significance of history and historical events, and to use historical resources.

In addition to general and specialized courses, the program also includes seminars which may be taken in the junior and senior years.  Many of the courses are also particularly suited to the development of interdisciplinary studies in areas such as pre-law, American studies, and international studies.

The History Program also offers opportunities for internships.  Majors interested in law or government often complete internships with local governments, with Congressmen, or with area law firms.  Other opportunities for museum work, historical editing, archival work, or other uses of historical training are also available through internships with Sleepy Hollow Restorations, the Richmondtown Restoration Project, the Cloisters, and Huntington Library of the Native American.  Options available to majors also include the Semester in Washington, internships at United Nations non-governmental organizations, or study abroad during junior or senior year.


In addition to the requirements of the School of Arts and Sciences, the Bachelor of Arts degree in History requires 30 to 36 credits.  These courses must include:
  • Junior Seminar
  • Senior Research Seminar
  • Senior Thesis


The Self in Context 3.0 cr.
Introduction to America 3.0 cr.
Writing (by placement) 3.0 cr.
Mathematics (by placement) 3.0 cr.
Liberal Arts Core 3.0 cr.
Physical Education 0.0 cr.
  15.0 cr.
Africa the Continent 3.0 cr.
Writing or Liberal Arts Core 3.0 cr.
Mathematics or Elective 3.0 cr.
Liberal Arts Core Program 6.0 cr.
Physical Education 0.0 cr.
  15.0 cr.

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