Students in the English Program develop abilities that never become obsolete.  Students to acquire knowledge of the methodology and modes of inquiry used in literary studies, the tradition and history of English and American literature, characteristics of different genres, the works of major authors,and a body of literature chosen to reflect the individual interests of each student.


In addition to the requirements of the School of Arts and Sciences, the Bachelor of Arts degree in English requires 36 to 42 credits in English courses. These courses must include:
  • Two of the following (normally taken in the first two years):
    • Literary Forms: Poetry
    • Literary Forms: Drama
    • Literary Forms: Novel

  • One of the following:
    • Survey of English Literature I
    • Survey of English Literature II
    • or two courses chosen from:
      • Chaucer
      • English Renaissance Literature
      • Restoration and Eighteenth Century English Literature

  • Introduction to Literary Theory, Criticism, and Research (normally taken sophomore year)

  • Shakespeare

  • Two English seminars (normally taken in junior and senior years and requiring lengthy papers).  In special cases, an independent study may be substituted for one seminar.


The Self in Context 3.0 cr.
Survey of English Literature I 3.0 cr.
Literary Forms: Poetry 3.0 cr.
Writing (by placement) 3.0 cr.
Mathematics (by placement) 3.0 cr.
Physical Education 0.0 cr.
  15.0 cr.
Survey of English Literature II 3.0 cr.
Shakespeare 3.0 cr.
Liberal Arts Core Program 9.0 cr.
Physical Education 0.0 cr.
  15.0 cr.



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