In conjunction with the Graduate School, the Psychology Department has the approval of the New York State's Education Department to offer an integrated program leading to a Master of Science degree in Community-School Psychology with certification as a school psychologist.  This certificate program normally requires two years of graduate study after the baccalaureate degree.

The program emphasizes the role of human behavior and its development within a humanistic philosophical orientation with the goal of developing practitioners who are challenged, but not surprised, by wide behavioral variation. Successful completion of the program leads to a recommendation for New York State certification, which enables students to function as school psychologists in schools.  Since professional psychology at the doctoral level is licensed in New York State, the faculty strongly believes that clinically oriented master's degrees be credentialed.  Community-School Psychology is the only master's degree affording certification in the field of psychology.


The general requirements of the School of Arts and Sciences (please consult the Core Requirements section) and the requirements in Psychology (please consult the Psychology degree requirements) should be completed during the first three undergraduate years.  Students are advised to follow the suggested course sequence for students intending to continue graduate education listed in the Psychology section with the addition of:

  • Adolescent Psychology
  • Psychological Testing
  • Abnormal Psychology

Students accepted for the Community-School Psychology Program will be expected to use the fourth and fifth years for the graduate course sequence.



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