"I chose The College of New Rochelle because of the great financial aid, the close proximity to Manhattan, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere I encountered when I visited the college."

Maria Gonzalez
Class of 2005
Honors Program
School of Arts & Sciences
The College of New Rochelle

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Torrington, CT.

How did you hear about CNR?

In my search for colleges, I signed up to receive informational packets from a number of schools. One day the CNR packet arrived in my mailbox. I liked
what I read, so my parents and I drove down for a Campus Visit Day.

What other colleges did you consider and why did you pick CNR?

In addition to CNR, I considered the University of Connecticut, the University of Hartford, and Franklin Pierce College. I chose The College of New Rochelle because of the great financial aid, the close proximity to Manhattan, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere I encountered when I visited the college.

What is your major?

I’m a Communication Arts major with a specialization in Computer Graphics. I am minoring in Studio Art, which was my original major.

How did you get into the Honors Program at CNR?

A faculty member with whom I met during a visit to the campus recommended I join the Honors Program after she viewed my high school transcript. Entering freshmen are recommended to join the program if their high school transcripts show academic strength; enrolled students can join at any time if they have a GPA of 3.5 or better.

Are the courses harder in the Honors Program?

The courses in Honors are not difficult, but they are more challenging than regular courses in that they require students to do a lot of independent work. The independence that the Honors Program allows, though, is wonderful, as students can research the topics that truly interest them. In my experience, the more interest I have in a subject, the easier it has been to research.

Tell us about some of your favorite professors.

My advisor, Dr. Quinn, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts, has extended himself in many ways to help further my professional development, from alerting me of internships to mentoring me for independent projects which I’ve undertaken. In addition, Emily Stern, Associate Professor of Art; Kathy Grove, Adjunct Art Professor; and Dr. Roxanne Zimmer, Associate Professor of Communications Arts, have taught me everything I know about graphic design, from both a technological and a creative perspective. Their help has been invaluable to me.

What clubs or organizations are you involved with as a student?

I am the Associate Editor in Charge of Layout for our college newspaper, Tatler. I also currently serve as a senior class representative on the Honors Board.

Do you go into New York City often?

I had the pleasure of living in Brooklyn this summer and interning with Time Warner Book Group in Manhattan, so I was in the city every day for awhile.
During the school year, I travel into the city with friends about once a week.

What are some of the things that you do on weekends?

Sleeping in is one of my favorite weekend activities. My weekends are usually spent doing schoolwork and/or working on Tatler, but when I have free time, I like to read, explore the city, watch movies, and play video games.

Do you have a job on campus?

I do graphic design for the Office of Admission. I design flyers, postcard mailings, and other such materials. Before that, I worked as a writing tutor for Learning Support Services. I’ve also been a student mentor/TA for a couple of freshmen classes.

Do you play any variety sports?

Only of the video game variety.

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