“When I travel and meet strong, bright, and generous CNR graduates, I know I am part of a rich tradition, that Ursuline gift of risk-taking, passion for excellence, and energizing the spirit through real service.”

Dr. Carole Weaver
Director of Gift Planning
The College of New Rochelle

Tell us a little about your background, Dr. Weaver.

I hail from Maryland.  I was the first in my family to graduate from College, from Mount Saint Agnes.  It was small – less than 400 women – but it was where I flourished, starring in all the plays, and graduating as valedictorian.  From there I went to the University of Maryland in College Park where I earned a Master’s and Doctorate in English – and in between went to teach the troops in Europe.

I have been a New Yorker since 1979.  I have two grown sons who live and work in California; one is making films and the other works in television.  My marriage to an international art appraiser in 2008 provides me with travel opportunities to Switzerland, Toronto, Bermuda and areas closer to home like Boston, Chicago, and Vermont.  This has been a wonderful chapter in my life, but, in fact, most of the chapters have been pretty great.   

What are your responsibilities here at the College?

Planned giving is my area of responsibility.  I focus on estate gifts, charitable gift annuities, insurance gifts, or tangible gifts like real estate or art.  A planned gift is any gift which takes time to mature, as opposed to an immediate gift of cash or stock.  I also take care of some of our more seasoned donors – graduates of the 30s-50s.  By that I mean I keeping in touch, inviting them to CNR events, and of course asking for support.  It is my role in the College’s capital campaign effort and I attend to it with great regard for the remarkable women and men whom I continue to meet.  I sometimes write articles for Quarterly, and I often design ads related to my field. 

What are some of the reasons that
alumnae/i give to The College of New Rochelle?

They give because they are grateful – CNR changed their lives with an education which continues to serve them well.  Often they received scholarships and want to return the favor to current students – I hear that so much. They give because they want to be remembered beyond their lifetime through an endowment or specially named space on campus.  They also give because of a deep and abiding respect for the Ursulines, and their commitment to keeping the Ursuline charism a vibrant part of CNR’s mission. 

Tell us the personal stories of one or two students who have benefited from the generosity of alumnae/i who have left endowments to the College?

The McEntegart sisters come to mind immediately.  As devoted graduates, they established an endowed scholarship for the child of a single parent because their mother put each of them through school despite her financial struggles as their only provider.  Shamika Powell completed her education at CNR in 2006 while raising a small child, with the help of this endowed scholarship.  The thoughtfulness of the McEntegarts will last long beyond their lives.  

Years ago, at Christmas time I was handed $10,000 to start an endowed scholarship in memory of an alumna who died a few months before.  Her name was Mary Lou Maiolo Zuanelli, Class of 1960.  Over time, many family members contributed toward a $100,000 endowed scholarship for a student who has a passion for Spanish and teaching.  I remember meeting Nadege Louis for the first time last fall.  She is bright, and her excitement about learning Spanish is infectious.  She is also very grateful that this kind of help is available to her.

How does an alumna who wants to remember the College in their will or trust approach CNR?

Call me or send an email.  I love a good conversation!  Really, it can be as simple as using the legal name of the College in their estate plans.  I can assist them if they would like to include CNR in their will.  The Heritage Society recognizes donors who provide for the College in this way.  Of course, there are other ways to give to CNR, ways that allow the donor to receive an income for life, through a trust or annuity arrangement.  I am happy to help guide them toward a gift that will benefit them and The College of New Rochelle.

As you said, you went to an all women’s college and now you are here at The College of New Rochelle.  What do you see that is special and unique about CNR?

It is a physical and spiritual environment where young women can think, dream, and create their best selves, and keep creating for a lifetime!  My work in fund-raising allows me to enrich an institution where students thrive, and where wisdom provides new meaning to their lifelong experiences and service to others.  That’s what makes the College worthy of the attention needed for such an endeavor.  When I travel and meet strong, bright, and generous CNR graduates, I know I am part of a rich tradition, that Ursuline gift of risk-taking, passion for excellence, and energizing the spirit through real service.

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