"I think that the best thing about CNR is making new friends, people that I would probably have never met if I hadn't come to college here. My classmates are the most satisfying aspect of school for me.  It's great to be around like-minded people. It really is."

Jayne Veronica Aguilar Howard
Year: 2010
Schoool of New Resources
Home Town: 
  Philadelphia, PA
The College of New Rochelle

What has been the more satisfying aspect of going to the College?

Getting good grades are extremely important to me and I enjoy learning new things. However, I think that the best thing about CNR is making new friends, people that I would probably have never met if I hadn't come to college here. My classmates are the most satisfying aspect of school for me.  It's great to be around like-minded people. It really is.

Do you have a favorite class?

I always liked English in high school, but one of my favorite classes (so far!) at CNR was American Experience. I learned so much about the history of the United States from Professor Christina Atterbury. She brought the people and the events of the past to life. It was an amazing class; I'll never forget it.

Of all the CNR professors you’ve had, who was one of your favorites?

First, I have to say that I really like all my professors.  However, Professor Hiram Allen is one of my favorites.  He is a wonderful instructor, and he challenged me to do my best at all times.  He loves to teach and it shows in the classroom. He also makes sure that we know what is expected of us. He went over the instructions step-by-step as many times as necessary so we would understand. There is no guess work in his class.

Jayne, how do you handle family, work, and your ministry?

It is tough, but I am blessed to have wonderful family support.  My mother takes care of my daughter while I attend my classes, and I make it a priority to be there for my daughter for occasions such as school events, awards, and just to spend time with her.  I also have a son, but he is an adult and requires less of my attention. Both of my kids are great and patient with me as I pursue my goals. I'm hoping to set a good example for them and the rest of my family. I am also blessed to have extended family support, a sister, cousins, and good friends who chip in to entertain my daughter when I have to go to the library to study.

You are also involved with your ministry?

Sowing for Souls Ministries is an independent ministry, not affiliated with any particular church. Currently, we minister to the women who reside at the Yonkers YWCA on Sunday mornings. I once lived there myself, and it is such a wonderful privilege to go back in to help and pray for those who are hurting as I was.

I love ministry, it's what I'm called to do and there is no greater satisfaction for me than walking in the purpose God created me for! 

Preparing for Sunday morning along with all of my other responsibilities can be a little overwhelming, and things do get a bit hectic. Sometimes I wonder how to get it all done, but I always get through it and that is by the grace of God.  When I look back over the last few years of my life there were so many times that I thought I wasn't going to make it, but I made it, and God gets all the glory

What is your schedule like?

Recently I've begun getting up between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m. to pray and to exercise; in the past I only made time to pray. My daughter and I are out of the house by 7:30 a.m., so that I can drop her off to school and then head into work in Bronxville.  On the days that I have class, I take a late lunch so I can pick up my daughter and take her to my mother's house in Yonkers. I go back to work then until 4:30 or 5 and after that I head for CNR. I usually have dinner on campus with a friend and we go to class together.  On the days that I don't have class, I'm most likely in Gill Library studying and doing my homework. I try to get into bed no later than 11 p.m. And on somedays, I just come to campus, park my car, and take a 15-minute power nap.  It helps a lot.

Tell us about your work.

I work at the Bronxville Public Library as the Business Manager and Assistant to the Library Director.  For the most part, I ensure that library staff and bills are paid on time.

Why did you decide to return to College?

I always wanted to attend college but I couldn't stick to anything that might make life better for me and my family because of a 20+ year addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Six years ago, God delivered me from those addictions and first I attended bible school for a year, then seminary for two years, and after graduating seminary I came directly to CNR.  

Why did you pick The College of New Rochelle as your school?

I came to CNR to study psychology so that I may be better able to counsel those I minister to.  It is my desire to minister and counsel on a full-time basis.  I love that God led me to CNR. I am learning so much about myself, people, and this world that we live in.  I have wonderful professors and counselors to assist me on my journey, and on top of all that, I can freely express my faith.  It's a beautiful thing.

Jayne, so you find CNR an inviting college, especially for adult students returning to the classroom?

Yes, I do. The New Rochelle Campus is a lovely campus, and the people who work at the college understand that adults returning to school are juggling many responsibilities.  The professors, counselors, and administrative staff are very understanding and willing to help with the challenges adult students face.  

Do you know where you are headed after graduation?

I know that I will pursue my master's degree and I am thinking about pastoral counseling. I enjoy attending classes on campus, but I'm considering an online master's degree so I can be at home more.  

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