S T U D E N T  P R O F I L E

I chose to attend CNR because I didn’t want to be just a number in college. I wanted a school, where as the song goes, everyone knows my name.

Jessica Kottwitz SAS’12
Major: Biology
Hometown: Hunter Mountain, NY
Community College: Columbia-Greene

Jessica, you are a transfer student to CNR, aren’t you?
Yes, I am one of the lucky ones. I got to transfer to CNR! I grew up in the small town of Hunter Mountain in upstate New York and went to Columbia-Greene Community College, which is near my home, and earned my associates degree. I decided to continue my education at The College of New Rochelle for two reasons. CNR has a wonderful pre-med program and very small class sizes.

What other colleges did you consider?
I looked at two colleges: Stony Brook and Binghamton. However, they both are big schools with very large class sizes. I didn’t want to be just a number in college. I wanted a school, where as the song goes, everyone knows my name.

What is your major?
My major is biology and my minor is chemistry. I plan on going on to medical school when I graduate from CNR.

Do you live on campus?
I don’t. I am staying with relatives to save money for medical school. Also I work in a hardware store very near where I live.

So you want to become a doctor?
Yes, or to work as a microbiologist in the medical field.

Besides the small classes, what do you like about CNR?
There is a lot to like about CNR. I like the location of the school; it’s so close to New York City. I love the campus. It’s a small jewel of parkland. And best of all, the faculty at CNR are all very kind and approachable, which is something I think is very important for a student.

Did you know anyone who attended CNR, or did you just pick the college just because of its location, campus, and class size?
I knew absolutely no one! But after I applied and was accepted, I discovered that my great aunt, back in the thirties, had attended CNR. Her name is Alys Savage, Class of ’36, and she just turned 96! Isn’t it wonderful? I guess CNR is in our blood.

Coming from a small town in upstate New York, how did you hear about the College?
I heard about CNR when I attended a college fair at my community college. The representative was so enthusiastic about The College of New Rochelle, she had me falling in love with the place even before I saw the campus.

Are you involved in any on-campus activities?
No, not this year. But I’ll join the math/science club next fall.

And then on to medical school?
Yes, once I have walked across the stage at Radio City and have my diploma firmly in hand.

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