“I have always wanted to work in international affairs and CNR was the best option to provide a foundation for my future.

Dianne Marques
School: SAS ‘10
Hign School: Saunders Trade
& Technical High School
Hometown: Yonkers, New York

Dianne, where are you from, what high school did you attend?

I am from Yonkers and I attended Saunders Trade and Technical High School, majored in Architecture.

Dianne, why did you select The College of New Rochelle as your college?

I decided to go to the CNR because it offered a bachelors in arts, with a major in International Studies. I also chose CNR because I was looking to commute from Yonkers. CNR also provided me a great incentive by granting me a Scholarship Award.

What other colleges did you consider?

I was accepted to CUNY, SUNY colleges, and Iona College, however, most of those schools did not have International Studies as a major. I have always wanted to work in international affairs and CNR was the best option to provide a foundation for my future.

What do you like best about CNR?

What I like best about CNR are all the different classes I have been able to take as an undergraduate. I took a class, for example, in Buddhism which gave me the opportunity to learn of another religion and other practices of spiritual fulfillment. I took Women, Gender and Power, and this class gave me any understanding of the perspective of women's status in different regions of the world. My Macroeconomics class gave me a better understanding of the world economy and free market. Last year I took a special class, Campaign 2008. This was an Honors course focusing on the presidential election. It was fabulous to have such a class while the campaign was in process.

I also enrolled in Ethics of Modern World where I studied the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle, and how to apply those ethics in the world today.

My Survey of American Literature class inspired me to read—and write!—poetry. And then I took this wonderful fitness class, Belly Dancing! That fitness class really empowered me because it is a dance that stimulates female strength, spirit, and aura.

Who are some of your favorite professors?

Favorites?!... Wow! It’s very difficult to say who my favorite professors are because I have had so many in so many different classes. It is truly difficult to pick!...I think I’ll plead the fifth.

What do you like best about CNR?

This is a college that empowers women to succeed. CNR inspires us to fight for equality. Women for centuries, and in many nations, have been denied the right to an education and as a young woman I value my education. I believe knowledge will empower me.

Dianne, you will be presenting a paper at the National Collegiate Honors Council’s 2009 Conference in Washington, D.C. this fall.  What is the topic of your paper?

It is a case study that focuses on international response and reaction to Hurricane Katrina. It examines the initial sentiment and reactions of most countries around the world, including Venezuela, Israel, South Africa, and others. The study further examines the gradual change of outlook in the days that followed due to the U.S. government’s ineffectiveness in providing aid and relief for the victims of New Orleans. The research analyzed two different points of time, the week of Hurricane Katrina and the week that follows into the first week of September. The two different points of time served to compare and contrast the change of outlook by foreign nations to how our government was handling this natural disaster.

What are you plans after you graduate?

Once I graduate, I plan on joining the Peace Corps and I hope to use my language skills in Portuguese. After my Peace Corps tour, I will return to college and earn a master’s in international political economic development.

Do you plan on teaching?

No, someday I hope to become an Ambassador and represent my country overseas.

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