"I considered a lot of schools, and honestly, CNR was by far the most appealing."

Stephanie Ubiera

Year: 2011
School: School of Arts & Sciences
Major: Biology
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Why did you decide to attend The College of New Rochelle, Stephanie?

One of my friends attends The College of New Rochelle and she told me about the school. Tracey Brown, an Admission Counselor, also came to my high school and gave a wonderful presentation about CNR. I considered a lot of state schools, and honestly, CNR was the most appealing.

Of all the CNR professors you've had, who are your favorites?

Oh, I’d have to say that would be Dr. Theodora Ierides. She is the Associate Professor of Physical Education, and she is very direct and very funny. During my freshman survival class, for example, she was extremely helpful and went the extra mile for all of her students in helping us adjust to our new role as college students.

What class was one of your favorites?

I love biology. It is very challenging material, but is a subject about our whole world and who we are as human being. It is endlessly fascinating.

How have you been involved at CNR outside of your studies?

I’m doing everything it seems: I’m currently the secretary of the sophomore class, student development resistant assistant, member of the snowboarding and ski club, member of the swim team, softball team, and cross country team. You might say I am pretty busy outside of the classroom. But it has been fun.  

Do you know where you are headed after graduation?

Yes, my career plan is to go directly to medical school after CNR and become a doctor. I am not sure exactly what kind of doctor, but if God is willing, I’d love to become a trauma surgeon.

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