"My favorite professors at The College of New Rochelle are those who present challenges to me and all their students."

Hellen Konyango
Year: 2010
Major: International Studies
School: School of Arts & Sciences
Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Helen, where did you go to high school

I'm an international student here at CNR. I grew up in Nairobi, Kenya where I attended a boarding school called Pangani Girl's High School.

Why did you decide to attend The College of New Rochelle?

I chose The College of New Rochelle because it offered a program. I really wanted to take--International Studies. Most colleges offer International Studies only as a sub-topic under Political Science, but CNR has International Studies as an independent program. Also, I wanted to attend a college that was close to my home in New Rochelle. CNR was in the perfect location.

When did you arrive in the United States?

I came to America in August of 2006, which was a good time because it gave me a chance to prepare myself for my first experience with cold winter.

What class is your favorite?

Well, one of my favorite classes was Storytelling Across the Media taught by Dr. Michael Grabowski. Students were able to participate in creating a video and a website. It was such a ‘hands-on’ experience for me and everyone else in the class. We were using modern technology right in the classroom.

Of all the CNR professors you've had, who are your favorites?

I have been lucky. I have had a lot of great teachers. One of my favorite professors is Dr. Grabowski. He is committed to making sure his students learn as much as they can. That is similar to all the professors I have had at CNR. My favorite professors at The College of New Rochelle are those who present challenges to me and all their students.

How have you been involved at CNR outside of your studies?

I am currently the Vice President of the CNR Model United Nations, and I've had the chance to represent the College in three Model UN conferences--one at the University of Pennsylvania, and two National Model UN conferences in New York and Washington D.C. I'm also a member of the United Nations Women's Development Fund (UNIFEM) at CNR, and I am a contributing writer for the student newspaper, Tatler.

Do you live on campus?

No, I’m a day-hop. I live fifteen minutes away from the College, on Huguenot Street.

Do you know where you are headed after graduation?

I am hoping to start my career with an international non-governmental organization and work in conflict resolution and humanitarian affairs. I also want to go back to Kenya and work for the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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