"Having gone to a large state school as an undergraduate, where I spent most of my time running around from one department to another to get anything done, The College of New Rochelle is refreshingly user friendly."

Kelly Clark
Communication Arts
Graduate School
The College of New Rochelle

Kelly, tell us something about your interests, and your family, and where you are from?

I am originally from Schenectady, New York, although I had been working in New York City in advertising for the past ten years. I always thought about becoming an art teacher, and figured it was now or never to change careers. After student teaching last semester I realized that I made the right choice. I absolutely loved teaching!  My parents are both social workers. My brother is an artist, and my sister is a medical researcher.

What college did you attend for your undergraduate degree?

I went to the State University of New York at New Paltz, and received my BFA in photography in 1994.

Why did you decide to attend The College of New Rochelle?

There were a number of reasons: 1) CNR had the specific graduate program I needed, and went perfectly with my background. 2) It was a reasonable tuition for a private school. I couldn't even get my mind around paying $1000 per
credit for most other private schools. 3) I loved the fact that the graduate classes weren't mixed with undergraduate students.  As an adult returning back to college after ten years, I preferred classmates of my peers- fellow adults with second careers. Also, as an adult, I cherish and enjoy being in a class and I wanted to be surrounded by people that felt the same way. 4) Since I went to a state school for undergraduate, I wanted to experience a private school for graduate work. 5) The campus was convenient and I loved the campus, specifically the architecture of the buildings and the wonderful renovated Gill Library.

Where do you attend classes on campus?

The majority of my classes are in the Mooney Center, which is the main arts facility on campus.

What is your major?

My major is art education.

Do you have any favorite teachers?

That's a hard question, because quite honestly I've been extremely happy with all of my teachers. Two professors, however, particularly stick out in my mind. One is Beth Colleary who teaches secondary art methods and art history.  She expects 120% out of her students and as a result I've produced some of my best work because of her. Artistically and emotionally, Sheila Kreimelman. She teaches watercolor painting at the college. She got me thinking of myself as an artist again after my very long artistic block. For me, her classes were more like therapy then work. My classmates and I literally cried on our last day of class with her! We didn’t want to leave her.

What has surprised you the most about the Graduate School?

That there's no hassle involved in being a student. Here’s a good example. I remember walking out of the financial aid office within thirty minutes and having taken care of all my business and thinking: That's it? That's all?  Am I missing something? Having gone to a large state school as an undergraduate, where I spent most of my time running around from one department to another to get anything done, The College of New Rochelle is refreshingly user friendly. Secondly, since it's a small school, I've been fortunate to have the same students in my classes. We have all become very close and encourage one another to succeed. Also, I enjoy knowing my professors intimately and seeing the same smiling faces on campus.

Do you have a job on campus?

I am incredibly blessed to have a graduate assistantship at the Castle Gallery.  My position there enables me to have professional experience within an art setting: setting up exhibits, putting together educational kits, and general administrative work. I absolutely love the work and it enables me to have a balance between academics and professional work, and use some of my previous experience. 

When do you expect to graduate, Kelly?

This August, 2005.

What are your career plans?

I hope to become a high school art teacher, God willing.

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