"I had several friends who graduated from School of New Resources and the Graduate School.  They all spoke highly of their experiences and they, too, were able to improve themselves in their careers."

Tanya Thomas
Communication Arts
Graduate School
The College of New Rochelle

Tell us something about your family?

I am blessed to be married to the greatest guy in the world (Ray) for nearly two decades. We are the very proud parents of three fabulous children - two sons - Brian, 17 year-old senior at New Rochelle High School, Marcus, 14 year-old freshman at New Rochelle High School and my highly-motivated daughter, Kenya, who completed CNR's graduate program and is in her third year of teaching at a Bronx elementary school.  

Why did you decide to go to college?

It was always my intention but finances (early in life) and family obligations (later in life) forced me to put that dream on hold. In the interim I attended Katherine Gibbs Business School and with a degree from there I worked as an executive assistant for many years.  

Why did you decide to attend The College of New Rochelle?

My dear friend Jess (I sometimes refer to her as my human angel), a former financial aid counselor at CNR, knew I wanted to go to college and she convinced me to enroll in the School of New Resources program. My family and friends, especially my husband, were very supportive. After graduating with my BA, I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment and empowerment.

That energy was transferred into a promotion on the job from an executive assistant to a grant/health research analyst and the editor of the company newsletter. I was so enthused by the experience and guided by the encouragement of professors, counselors and other adult learners, I enrolled in the graduate program.  Additionally, I had several friends who graduated from School of New Resources and the Graduate School.  They all spoke highly of their experiences and they, too, were able to improve themselves in their careers.  Also, I live in New Rochelle, and that makes it easy for me to attend classes in the evening.

What is the most challenging part about being a student today?

Oh, I guess the hardest part is finding balance in my life. Most of the graduate students have both jobs and families, and that, naturally, takes up a lot of time. But getting a graduate degree is very important to me and it requires a great deal of dedication, effort, sacrifice and most importantly, time management. 

Where do you attend classes?

I attend evening classes on the New Rochelle campus.

Do you have any favorite teachers?

One professor who has been very helpful is Stacy Raptis. She has such a warm and inviting spirit. She taught several communications classes at SNR's New Rochelle campus. Another wonderful professor for me was Kristine D’Onofrio Southard, also at SNR's New Rochelle campus. She accepted nothing less than one’s best effort. Some students find that difficult, but I think it is important to be challenged. I know it forced me to really delve deeply and helped me pull out of the course material some amazing things. Now in graduate school, Teri Gamble continues to impress me with her cool demeanor and incredible knowledge base which she willingly shares with her students.

What has surprised you the most about the Graduate School?

I had reservations about whether or not this graduate program in Communications Studies would suit my needs.  However, the program is set up in a way that accommodates the varied needs of all students.  Also, the mix of ages and life experiences truly broadens the scope of learning.

When do you expect to graduate, Tanya?

In the Spring of 2006.

What are your career plans?

I love to write. I want to obtain a writing position in the communications department of an organization, and also work as a free lance writer. I have a dear friend who believes that someday I will be writing for the President of the United States.  I no longer believe that that is such a far fetched idea.  After all, no one rises to low expectations. I say, reach for the stars and see what star you can catch.

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