"Because CNR is a small college I never feel as if I am just a number. All the faculty and staff seem to have a vested interest in my success as a student."

Lisa Barner                       
Year: 2009
Major: Guidance & Counseling
School: Graduate School
Home Town: Thornwood, New York

Why did you decide to attend The College of New Rochelle?

After researching graduate programs in the Westchester area, it became obvious that CNR had such well renowned programs of study in the human services field.  The scholarship and graduate assistantship offerings seemed very generous as well.

What class is one of your favorites?

I truly enjoyed the course “Counseling the Culturally Diverse.” Dr. Kenneth Doka did a magnificent job with this class by making it interactive and so useful for future encounters with culturally diverse clients.

Of all the CNR professors who is one of your favorites?

So far I have been very impressed by the faculty in my program - all of whom have numerous degrees and real world experiences that they are willing to share.

Do you have a job on campus?

Yes, I am a graduate assistant in the Dean's office of the Graduate School.

Do you know where you are headed after graduation?

I plan on becoming a middle school guidance counselor. I also intend on completing a certificate in marriage and family therapies.  Someday I may even complete a doctorate to have a private practice.


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