"I have a masters in art education but I wanted a degree that was just about my own personal work as an artist. CNR gave me that opportunity. It is a great school where art is appreciated and artists valued."

Angela N. Canallo
Studio Art
Graduate School
The College of New Rochelle

Where are you from, Angela?

I’m originally from a small town of Marlboro in the Hudson Valley, but I moved to Yonkers in 2000 when I finished my first masters in art education.

Why did you decide to attend The College of New Rochelle

A friend of mine was getting a degree from CNR, and he recommended it as a great school that was close to home.

For you, what was the most challenging part about being a student?

I guess the hardest thing was managing my full time job. I am an art teacher at Somers High School in Northern Westchester, and it was difficult to stay on top of all that is expected of me as a teacher while I was in such a rigorous program at CNR.

What are your academic degrees?

I have a masters in studio art. I also have a masters in art education. I got my first masters for my teaching and my students. My master’s in studio art degree is just for myself, my personal work as an artist.

When you were here at CNR did you have any favorite teachers?

Oh, yes. Beth Colleary, for one. Beth is an Adjunct Professor and was extremely knowledgeable, and she also held us to a very high standard. Marjery Freeman Appelbaum, an Adjunct Professor, was my painting teacher for most of my studio classes. She really was my mentor. Marjery’s insights into my work brought my art to levels I had never reached before. I couldn't have gotten my degree without her help.

Tell us about your graduate show “Visual Memories.”
What were you trying to achieve by this art project?

It is about my visual memories and ideas taken from childhood and adult relationships I have been in. The recurring themes within the work correlate to the life cycle, i.e.: mother/child, man/woman, father/daughter, and finally friends. Each painting can be traced back to a visual memory, stemming from childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The paintings basically are rooted in interactions of people and what we go through growing up.

What are you doing today, Angela?

I am currently the Coordinator for the Arts at the Somers Central School District, as well as a high school art teacher in the district.

What advice would you give to someone like yourself
who has a full- time job and also wants to return to school at CNR?

Go for it. I’d suggest that they do a few classes at a time and never stop until the degree is done. It is not easy but it is attainable. And the rewards are worth the hard work and juggling act that it takes to get a degree from CNR.

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